Car race – ladies – launch engines!

In recent years, at least one woman has qualified for the Indianapolis 500 race, and that's good because women should be allowed to compete in all sports with men. But this year was a bit different in the Indy 500 … where all 33 qualifiers were women!

"Auto racing is boring … unless a car runs 200 miles in one hour … UPSIDE DOWN!" Dave Barry

The Memorial Day was a weekend and something I enjoyed for many years, watching the Indianapolis 500 race. I'm not necessarily a competing fan but I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a member of the famous Unser competing family. Among them, NINE Indy finishes 500 victories … four wins against Al Unser, Srra, AJ Foyt and Rick Mears tied to most Indy wins; three wins for brother Bobby Unser; and two wins Al's son … Little Al. That's why I was watching the race to pull the Unser family of the riders!

In recent years, there has always been a woman in the race, and that's the way it is. If a woman and her team become eligible, give her the wheel. But this year was different! All 33 drivers in this area were women … this is right, women! Scary, huh?

I was watching on TV, as many other fans were fond of in the country … and I could not believe my eyes. You should have been like a puppy-filled tree, watching television! Not only the 33 pilots were women, but all the wells were women too! 300,000 fans of booths are all women; broadcasters were women; the reporters were women; there was a peanut girl; a popcorn girl; a refreshing drink … NOT AWAY man! – What's going on? I thought about myself. They did not see people anywhere!

My eyes glued to the TV, as I could not imagine the 33 "female executives" who ran on the Indy 500 … all at over 200 miles per hour. I did not want to see it … but I had to!

"You just have to deal with death like any other part of life!" Tom Sneva (formerly Indy Pilot)

Nothing like that happened before, so I went to the newspaper on the day of the race to read more about it and start the series. One cover page on the sports page said: "The tachograph speed in Indianapolis 500 is 287.5 miles per hour!" "WOW!" We have some lead feet out there! There was no man on the racks … there was nothing to see! "Women may be overwhelming the world …" I thought to myself. As I read the newspaper, the Indian field of the 33 vehicle went so far:

1. beer; Robyn Hood; Cat litter; Penny Arcade

2. beer; Honey Bunns; Candice Piper; Ginger Snapps

3. beer; Showers in April; Tiffiny Holbrooke; Savannah Georgia

4. beer; Kandy Barr; Heidi Smith; Madison Avenue

5. beer; Crystal Bahl; Carmen Sanchez; Rose Budde

6. beer; Sparkle Plenty; Jane Doe; Sara Jones

7. beer; Foggy moonlight; Gloria Campos; Carole Carroll;

8th beer; Bunny Hoppe; Susan SuranWrap; Candy Cane

9. beer; Heather Stratton; Mia Culpa; Georgia Onmymind

10. beer; Kelli Kelly; Tootsie Rolle; Betty Krocker

11. beer; Brooke trout; Pinkie Luzinsky; Billie Goat


Tire and smoke placement everywhere … these women are doing business as the race started! And it looked like a "tree full of safflings" as I watched the television contest! Thirty-three women race car racing … all in one place, over 200 miles! I was scared to death that something terrible would be. After all, this has never happened! I had to look at the beginning! But as the race progressed … women did very well! It did not lead to "men's leaders" and there was no accident … and everything ran smoothly throughout the race!

I think this was a fashion show like a race! There is only one black car in the race, the incredible "Black Widow" car … and the driver is purple, clothed with toes and toes! WOW! The "Silver Bullet" car in pink is decorated with "Diamonds Are Forever" car; the most colorful car in the race … the "Born To Shop" car! And my favorite car was the one who painted crackers and melted butter … good to eat … the Pillsbury DoughGirl car … yum … yum!

There was no advertising on these cars at oil companies; car parts; gasoline companies, etc. Advertisers and sponsors include: shopping malls; diamond / jewelry companies; cosmetics companies; pickles / ice cream companies; hair dyeing companies; flower shops; candy companies; shopping catalog / internet companies, etc. And it gets … more than half of cars are sponsored by credit card companies … AMAZING!

The Powder Puff Alley (formerly Gasolene Alley), the huge amount of color in the contest … all colorful flowers … the balloons … pink, lavender and aqua blue everywhere! Every team dressed in their own color uniforms! WOW … what a sight!

Smoke and tires continued throughout the race, continued in the race and sparked for more than three hours and finally in the final round … and Kandy Barr and Susan Suranwrap. That was the fight for the goal … the neck and neck turned to the fourth corner! One pilot took the lead … then the other … went back and forth … the crowd was wild!
They leaned down as they came, as they were now next to each other, they almost touched the wheels … as they both drifted through the cloud of blue smoke on the finish line. The crowd loved you!

There were three hundred thousand women on their feet who robbed them … and for a few dozen seconds … won the 87th race of Indianapolis 500 race … Susan SuranWrap … who took the pink and white screw flags! The people on the stand jumped up and down; scream and yell … go crazy! What day … what a race!

The drive to the winner circuit was unusual because the flag of the traditional black and white winners had disappeared and replaced a pink and white flag … a little lavender! The winner also had the traditional milk drink, as it was now replaced by champagne. With his victory, Susan SuranWrap wiped the cork … and everyone was dressed up … high ideas for everyone … when he accepted the trophy. In a remote third he finished Kitty Litter … and Robyn Hood, and Sparkle Plenty was looking for the top five!

"I want to be the fastest woman in the world … in a word!" With a sleepy look, and with a glassy and tired eye, the clock reads at 2:30 am … around the room … I'm a race somewhere … women take over the world … they pull out and go all night … I could not sleep … why I'm in the Indy 500 … my head waved! I'm sure where I was and with a little sweat on my forehead … I sat in bed … looked around in a mess! Fortunately, I was at home … and I was sure I was relieved that it was just a bad dream!

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