Car racing, not just sport

For years we've heard people arguing whether racing is sport or not. Like most racing cars I've been involved in, I was strongly behind the reasons why competition is a sport. Finally, Webster Dictionary defines sports as "an activity where athletes compete with each other". However, I must return to the tragedy and adjust my position. Competition is not just sport but also more. Family, friends, life … Life.

Competition is one of those few sports where the week or the week has the honor or not the competitiveness of the same group of people. At Grassroots or at a professional level, you will know, respect and make friends with your competitors … until the helmet is pulled out. Fraternity is the tragedy of Jason Leffler's recent loss. Each competitor understands the risks associated with racing. They accepted that risk and decided to continue racing, not for money, because that's what they like … that's why they live.

It's possible that you will never get Tiger Woods at the local golf course just because you wanted to hit a ball. Blake Griffin does not get the 5th 5th pick-up game at the rec center. Competitors are other athletes. At a weekend you never know when to cross the local short track door and see some of NASCAR's best selling paint for the locals … just because.

When the tragedy strikes the racing community, everyone is in touch with it. It does not matter whether dirt, asphalt, hobby or professional racer is feeling everyone. Nothing in the tournament is certain except you will ever get bogged down. More than others, something more difficult than others, but if we do it for a long time, it will happen. Competitors cheat death more often than not, but when it comes to the ugly head, we all stop mourning. Let us take some time to pray for the family, to embrace our children, and to calmly calm at post B. Then we all get back to the car and tell ourselves that it can not happen to me.

This is not the money that feeds these drivers to return behind the wheel. Some of them spend every last dime just to get on the track, not for the prize but for the chance to get a picture of the black and white flag. The Holy Grail compete for their life. Excitement, adrenaline, friendships nourish and because … their lives! The next time someone tells me that the competition is not a sport, the competitor's cap and politely say, "Okay … that's bigger."

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