Car Racing – Pinewood Derby Tips

Pinewood's derby races are popular at high school level, Boy Scouts and other organizations. These are traditional competitive presentations for scouts for club districts at Boy Scouts in America. The aim of the competition is to create a pinewood derby carriage from a set of pine blocks, plastic wheels and metal shafts, and compete gravitationally on a track. The fastest car wins the trophy. Read on to find the pine drift tips to win the race.

The first important advice is to brush the wheels. The wheels and the inside of the shaft, with a small amount of graphite grease, make the car's plastic wheels rotate faster and this is a great improvement for better speed. The principle is to eliminate as much friction as possible from your car.

The next way to increase speed is to add weight. The heavy car is faster than the easier, because in this race, gravity is the accelerator of your car. So the car's weight is a big factor. Since most races have five ounces of weight limit, it is best to get the weight as close as possible. You can add weight by adding sticky wallets to the car's chassis or drilling small holes in the car's body by inserting small lead weights for fishing hooks. For your automated weighing, cheap, cheap low-cost shopping can be purchased online or in a hobby shop.

Another useful tip may be to pinch the shafts to eliminate errors that affect the derby auto speed. Since these imperfections cause friction to the wheels, you can use sanding paper to smooth the shafts or wires with the nail. Use a magnifying glass to check the lack of any minor faults.

Follow these simple tips to get a derby car at fast speed, which will surely win the penny derby trophy.

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