Car Rental Deals – The Jaguar XF

The New Year is fast, it looks like everyone is growing up to check all the car rentals; especially for the many rumored super cars appearing in 2008. One such car is much more anticipated than any other, and that's nothing more than the new Jaguar XF. Unlike the old Jaguara, this really resembles the average appearance of the actual big cat. The Jaguar XF exceeds the standard Jag standard standards that we all get used to.

What we know about jaguar, which is due in March, is to use the old S-type bases and the suspension of the XK coupe, it's completely different. The more sporty than the luxurious look, though it does not give too much, as it still looks like a million dollars. It will definitely be more advanced for a much younger market, but that does not mean that it alienates Jaguar's dedicated market, as it still retains the class Jag knows. This is especially true if you get such a car rental in a dark color like black.

What you see is certainly not true in XF. Outside, a lot of ore boxes, but inside, can be surprised by the luxury of the room you will enjoy. The seats are not as bulky as they can expect, and this will suggest more air and space. However, this is a good thing, especially with regard to all the things that this car carries. On its inner side, wood and aluminum alloy, down dashboard, central rotary gearbox and starter button that flash in the car. By standard, consumers get cruise control, heated seats and satellite navigation! It leaves the place for fun additionally.

Speaking of the room, the Jaguar XF is enough. In fact, a six-foot, rear-facing person really has many headers on his head and ceiling. The legroom is rather spacious, but the 500 liter body area is much more generous and the rear seats occupy more space.

They are waiting for the Jaguar XF to "hit the shelves" on March 1, 2008. There are two great 4.2-liter V8 models, one with one charger and one. There will also be a 3.0 liter V6 for the less adventurous and 2.7-liter V6 turbo diesel for gas consumption. This is decisive for the cat to overcome when it reaches the market and more than $ 60,000, this price category is only played by the German BMW 550i M Sport. It all depends on which class you choose when you buy the highest car rental.

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