Car tuning

Melody is a simple task that almost anyone can do. This will make the vehicle's fuel consumption more efficient. This applies to all motorized vehicles. Filters are a good starting point. Depending on how often you perform the melody, it affects how much you notice. Most mechanical suggests 60,000 miles.

The engine air filter can be the first melody element. The air filter is located on the carburettor of older cars. The air filter is located in the airbag of the fuel injectors. The fuel filter can be placed anywhere between the engine and the fuel tank and should be replaced. If the fuel filter is clogged, the engine may cool down.

Many times, when the headlamp light is on, the o2 sensor is not working properly. This is usually only changed if it fails, but usually does not last long. It's been a while now to replace the transmission filter. If the transfer filter is many miles away, the transmission may slip.

This should be replaced by a mechanic unless he feels comfortable enough. The filter is usually found in the transfer panel. The transfer filter typically runs straight down and out. Without being tight, screw the filter over as saturn.

The ignition system is also very important and needs attention. The spark plug wires tend to be much faster than the 60,000 mile melody. Try half the mileage and save money and money. Spark plug worn out and lose resistance, so the car uses rough and fuel. In addition to replacing spark plug wires, it is also appropriate to replace the splitter cap and rotor.

The motor manifold cap will be light, usually with two screws. It may be the easiest way to remove the splitter cap so that the wiring leads to the correct spark plug. When the cap is removed, it will be placed under the rotor and there is usually a push button for release. Replace the new splitter cap and remove only one spark plug wire.

Now is the time to replace the spark plugs. Spark plugs usually have a 5/8 "or 13/16" socket. Replace the spark plug with a new, compatible plug. Check the gap with the feeler and tap or bend the electrode until there is a gap as large as possible. Most engines run the spark plug nozzle between 0.030 and 0.45 inches depending on the vehicle

Now look at the wire aligned on the old splitter hub Pull one of the wires to where it should be on the new hub Take these wires and the plugs should not be mixed in. Ignition timing should be checked when the timer lamp is connected to a spark plug cord # 1 to set the timing setting to 8-12 degrees or zero for new cars

The actual timing specification for the spark plug If there is too much oil in the air filter, replace the PCV (positive crankshaft valve) normally in the head, valve cover or air filter / box If there is no oil in the air filter, then the PCV valve is OK. It will return the car to the factory OEM specification is likely to improve the power, the smoothness and the fuel consumption.

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