Carbon Fiber

If you still do not know what Carbon Fiber is, you did not best give the latest technology to automakers who used the supercar. In fact, besides cars, Carbon Fiber can be found in many other products in life. For example, Carbon Fiber fishing rod, carbon fiber boat, carbon fiber bicycle, carbon fiber helicopter blades and the list will continue until you reach the carbon fiber toilet seat cushion.

Say, for example, Fiber is odd or new or a vocabulary, this is best explained as a simple piece of plastic used construction shell products. You might think it's so special about plastic? In fact, a thin and fine carbon fiber textile fabric that is fabricated to provide a strong bond that keeps weaving as a fabric. Apart from this, it is used for a good blend of plastic resin and then forms the ever-popular Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP). This is what we see every time we have a specific presentation of Carbon Fiber textiles.

Textile itself is a neatly weaved weave that allows low thermal expansion than other materials. Combining strength after casting to CFRP is also less dense than steel, but stronger than the carbon structure of carbon fibers, making it easier and stronger than steel. These properties provide good weight loss, strength and minimal thermal expansion in the application of heat.

Automotive companies take advantage of this and start creating CFRP car parts. Now we will not be able to find Carbon Fiber as simply as a local hardware store. BMW has already used this material in its new BMW M3 coupe, which has been used on the roof to reduce the center of gravity of the entire car to provide exceptional handling. With the Koenigsegg racing car, CCX-R uses a lot of carbon fiber to build its body, making it super easy, making it one of the fastest cars on the market because of its terrible power-to-weight ratio.

It will soon be able to see this material widely used in caravans to secure the base structure and body shell. Instead of using mild steel as a building material, carbon fibers will soon replace steel as a natural resource because they are mass produced, cheaper and more reliable.

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