Cars and Global Oil Consumption – Hybrids Can Help?

People have used cars for more than a century. And at this time the cars changed a lot. Today, cars are much more reliable and faster than ever. They are also more comfortable and safer. There is one important thing, though this has not changed throughout the year: how most cars work. Like most historic cars, modern cars are still fueling with oil. Usually this is fuel gasoline ("gas" short). Sometimes, cars also operate with diesel fuel, which also comes from oil. Oil is a great source of energy, but there are still problems with their use.

One such problem is, unfortunately, that oil is not a renewable resource. As soon as it is used, it is gone and can not renew or restore it. If we continue to use the oil, then the world will run. Furthermore, the world's oil reserves are low, probably over time becoming more expensive.

Another problem is that the use of oil fuels emits different gases in the atmosphere. Some of these gases can be harmful to human health. Some scientists say that certain gases change the Earth's climate. This is a serious problem, as there are currently millions of vehicles in the world and produce more each year. For example, in 2007 more than 40 million vehicles were produced. Add lorries and buses, and the number of new car production will be even bigger.

There are a few ways to handle problems. One of them uses less oil. This is strictly the entry of hybrid cars. Power comes from electricity and gasoline (or diesel). As a result, less gas is used.

What is a "hybrid"?
A vehicle with two (or more) resources is considered a hybrid. Usually when people refer to hybrid cars, it is a car that has both a petrol engine (internal combustion engine) and an electric motor (generator).

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