Cars in the cinema

You can play the Games online, download it to your computer and play on a Microsoft Windows, an Apple Mac or an OS X or if you have a game console you can play cars in PS 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Xbox, Nintendo DS, Nintendo GameCube, Wii Xbox, and more.

Despite being played with a variety of different players, the cars in the movie game are not exactly the same from one player to another. For example, if playing with Nintendo DS or a PSP game, the game will be different than a car game you play online or on a Wii Xbox.

Like any other car racing game, cars in theaters play on several different levels. In the Nintendo DS Cars version, the movies include the Piston Cup, the world's best retractor, Gesundheit, Blinkin Light, Casa Della Tires and many more.

Cars in the movie game have more than just inspired the Pixar / Disney movie, the same name, it is also intended to be the sequel to the movie. Lightning McQueen is just now trying to win the piston cup, competing as a player's favorite characters and helping him.

A list of characters you can compete for as it is different from one version of the car to the movie game. For example, in Xbox versions of PS2 and Wii you can play characters such as DJs, Luigi, Boost, Mater, Wingo, Sally Carrera and Sheriff.

On the other hand, in the PSP version you can play Lightning McQueen, Hudson Doc, Lizzie, Flo, Fillmore, Ramone and Sarge. Racing cars for the Nintendo DS version include Sputter Stop, Vinyl Toupee, Gasprin and Leakless. This free racing game features a player's five Piston Cup competitions, twenty tournaments, numerous mini-games and movie clips. If you'd like to watch the movie clips, be sure to collect all the ornament valves near Ornament Valley, Radiator Springs, and Tailfin Pass.

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