Cash for Clunkers Qualifying Cars

Cash for Clunkers certified cars must be at least 8 years old and must be at least 18 miles of gallon fuel. This new stimulus package, approved by Congress, will cost $ 5,000 for the old clunkers that run or maybe not. Who cares about the state of your car if you get cold, hard cash?

The purpose of this plan is to get rid of old machines that pollute the environment with destructive chemicals. The minimum $ 3,500 they received at the age of eight years for Clunkers certified cars, which has at least 20 MPGs. Vehicle trade is destroyed after trading and will not be traded.

Unfortunately, there is only one discount for a person, but family members can participate with separate clunkers.

Trucks and SUVs have special rules. For light trucks, off-road vehicles and vans, the improved MPG should be $ 2 for a $ 3,500 loan and $ 5,500 for a 5 MPG repair. The new, professional truck or SUV must be at least 18 MPG.

So what kind of vehicle can you buy? The new vehicle's MSRP must be below $ 45,000; If you rent a vehicle, you must rent it for 5 years or more.

I can assure you that there is other information on this topic on the internet; please be careful because you may get contradictory or untrue information. See the government-based website because the site is federal, the information is accurate and easy to understand. I see you in trading.

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