Mercedes Benz G Class – The Next Generation Car

Exceptions are found; however, there are many super cars on the road that join us when we are on the road. The best example of such cars in the range of new cars is the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class promises. This brand new car in the Mercedes-Benz family is the next-generation car that

The rise of Korean car manufacturing

Generally, what would be the preference when it comes to cars, and a certain country will notice what we are looking for in a vehicle. Usually we think in English that super cars or Germans are talking about luxury sedans. Reliability is also remembered when thinking about Japan. This is actually true a few years

Car Logos

The car logo is a symbol or text that represents the identity of a particular type of car. Today, the car market floods the various brands and models. Car logos help distinguish one brand from the other. Logos are the unique visual marks of the company's identity. They help companies gain product recognition on the

Bugatti EB 218 – The car that the company brings back to life

In 1995, Bugatti filed for bankruptcy as the supercars market slowed down. At the end of 1990, Volkswagen acquired the right to use the Bugatti name and purchased the company's life. The Volkswagen Group introduced the Bugatti EB 218 at the Geneva Motor Show in 1999. The 218 model was built after the 118 model,

What's the best Superbike

When it comes to super bikes, every motorcycle has its own opinion. There are millions of bikers there and the super-bike brotherhood is just as colorful. Like any other bicycle area. I'm sure I'll get a lot of readers who basically disagree with me, so it's just my opinion, but for me a superbike not

Exotic sports cars

is amazingly. Fast. And very, very expensive. They are the exotic sports cars, the ultimate icons of speed, style and money. Exotic sports cars are designed with state-of-the-art technology and are designed in a purely aesthetic way. This often ignores the fuel economy and practical aspects of storage, planting, design and operations. As a result,

Everything about hybrid cars

Hybrid cars work in a variety of ways. The most basic hybrid car is powered by a gas engine, but it charges in one of the batteries. Hybrid Cars and Power Networks Hybrids are NOT "plugable" cars. There are no "plugable" hybrids in the market. Some people may pick up some extra batteries for which

The Paris Motorway – The electric car took the cake?

The release of this year's Paris Motor Show is likely to be the "greenest". But since we've been talking about a complete car race, the gas-powered supercars are still the main attractions. Dozens of press conferences, featuring both concepts and new models that are already being produced, triumphantly talk and talk about industry crises –

The twenty fastest muscle wagon

From the Middle Ages to the early 1970's, new cars were driving the American streets. Most of them were medium-sized cars with large block motors. At first these cars were called "super cars," and in time they were more accurate than the muscles. A quarter mile of performance standard and weekend drag-racing became very popular.