Drive a racing car for one day

Have you ever been driving a real racing car around a world-famous race track? Have you ever had the speed, the power, the rush? Well, all this is possible next! How? Simple: Competitive Courses and Contesting Schools What are these schools and courses? First of all, of course, an introduction to racing. The adventure begins

Racing Cars: Play free online games

Are you tired of playing with toys? Want something interesting and entertaining? If you no longer love to play with plastic games, it's called the internet world. There are lots of chances to create and find what's in your mind. You can make dreams and thoughts from the imagined world to life. The ultimate answer

3 easy ways to get more money for the race!

Starting classes for most types of races are naturally cheaper than premium classes, but … they are still in the pit for shopping, fuel, regular maintenance, food, etc. is the simplest way to earn more money for racing? Online Auctions (eBay) Buy and Sell Your Items . Most people have things around the house or

What are the most popular racing games?

Thirty years ago, people actually found people who could not explain what the video game system was. Today almost everyone has heard about X-Box or PS3. The popularity of these gaming systems has resulted in the appearance of many popular video games. One of the most popular genres is car racing. These games represent really

Drag Racing Tips – Improve Your Focus and Skills

The dragons became increasingly popular after the Second World War. The men from the war have been caught in this hobby and have been since then. Let's talk about the basics of the contest first before dragging racing tips. This is a race where two pilots run in two separate vehicles from start to finish.

Acceleration Contest

This is a popular form of motor sporting competitions in the United States that first started as illegal street racing. The idea is to cover a short distance, usually a quarter mile in the shortest time. The track or ribbon is straight, reminiscent of the streets of most American cities. Two cars stand next to

Enter the exciting world of RC racing

More and more people enter the exciting world of Remote Control Contests . Today it is very easy for those who want to be RC racers to start with RC cars or trucks . Today's RC cars are extremely powerful machines with powerful, sophisticated engineers. RC racing can be as simple as the children who

NASCAR is about importers

The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is the leading sanctioning organization for American motor sports. The three biggest competitions are the NEXTEL Cup, the Busch and the Craftsman Truck, but are also supervised by NASCAR Regional Racing, the Whelen Modified Tour and the Whelen All-American Series. In fact, NASCAR's sanctions have been

Car race at Kentucky Speedway

Kentucky Speedway opened intense intensity with Sparta in 2000 as NASCAR Craftsman Truck Race was organized and has not slowed since then. Louisville and Cincinnati, Ohio, north of Louisville, the Speedway is located on an area of ​​1,000 hectares and seats over 70,000 riders. Despite having run a number of NASCAR events, they did not

How to Build a Drag-Racing Car

Drag Racing is a kind of racing car. The winner is the first to run through the series. This was the sport first introduced in the USA after the Second World War, but has since become very famous. There are special cars specially designed for drag racing, but they can build on their own. There