The story of Ferrari

When Enzo Ferrari set up Scuderia Ferrari in Italy in 1929, his intentions were to test amateur racing drivers and racing cars and more than 15 years before Ferrari started to set up their own cars in 1946. they are still racing cars and high-performance sports cars and not creating other types of cars. Scuderia

About the hybrid car maintenance

Hybrid car engines work on two or more fuel sources. One is combustion-based and the other electric-based. Combustion fuel may contain petrol or diesel. However, these vehicles depend mostly on the electric power source to reach a good mileage with low-cost fuel. In the case of electric cars, maintenance is very limited. For hybrid cars,

A consistent response time is the key to Drag Racing

Most Drag Racers knew that "cutting good light" could be the difference between victory and loss. The best experienced rider has a huge advantage. So many Drag Racers spend as much time working and practicing their departures. Some of the best Drag Racers are in special facilities where they are working to coordinate the eye

The NASCAR Busch Series

NASCAR is launching the NASCAR Busch Series second-class racing event. This is the training for emerging and future racers who eventually want to compete in the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series. Originally known as the Sportsman Series, it was founded in 1950 and was based on a series of short track races. In 1984, the Anheuser-Busch

PC Racing Games

Whether it's PCs on computer-based computer races, online racing games with online or console racing games, you can play with friends, enjoy all the excitement that comes with lots of motorbikes and racing a car in your own room. All you have to do is enjoy PC racing games on your PC with a good

RC Car Batteries – NiMH Vs LiPo

NiMH is short for nickel metal hydride, while LiPO contains a short lithium polymer. Both types of batteries are currently used in the electric RC car scene. Most RC models have some form of battery – reducing costs, usually the NiMH version. LiPo batteries are indeed included in the RC models' stage models and helicopters,

Tissot Quadrato watches

The designers of the Tissot Watch Company have never lost the time because of the competition. Innovation has been one of the most important elements of the brand since it opened the center in Le Locle, Switzerland, in 1853 and introduced its first pocket watch with two time zones. In 1858 Charles-Emile Tissot, the founder's

AGV motorcycle helmets – passionately designed in Italy

AGV is a huge European manufacturer for motorcycle helmets in Italy. Valentino Rossi uses AGV helmets at MotoGP races, including the AGV K-3 helmet. The AGV is not an obvious choice for new competitors, it is attracted to other, more expensive brands! AGV helmets have so many features and are quite inexpensive. AGV helmet model

Ferrari: The Ultimate Driving Experience

Starts the ultimate driving experience day by learning about some of the driving techniques you need. You may think that you can only be above a wheel of a sporty car and drive, but unfortunately can not. The driving experience of a sports car is completely different from the driving experience of a standard caravan.

Talk about auto shows

Car shows are also popular today. They are so popular that many who have the means and the willingness to travel across the country just to attend an event. But these car shows are not just about blinking some good-looking models or showing the big engine firing. Real value is the ability to drive business