Formula One Grand Prix Racing

F1 Racing is about speed and technology. How can I use the maximum speed with the use of modern technology? This is the main goal. The real challenge in the F1 race is that teams are limited to the same engine size, which most casual pilots think "what can you do with this?" Indeed, conventional

East of Ascot

In 1937 Roy Richwine bought the property known as the Williams Grove Speedway. Previously known as Grangers Picnic Fairgrounds. The first race was held on May 21, 1939. Joey Chitwood Sr set a fast time this day in 26.03 seconds. Tommy Hinnershitz won the forty round game, winning $ 400. The Flying Farmer won 19

Force 3 Tool: Look Back in Video Racing Games

Who does not like good competition? Video games have been popular since the 1970s. One of the great features of the competition game is to play yourself or as a character. Games can be anywhere you can compete on a real race track for a whimsical fantasy land. Whether you are an enthusiastic player or

To Ducati Desmosedici

By 2002, world class motorcycle races were represented by the 500cm World Championships. The riders took lightweight, two-cycle motorcycles with penalties and required highly qualified riders. Most major factories such as Honda, Yamaha and Aprilia were represented, but Ducati was not the most original and most successful racing car. Ducati stayed out of the 500-degree

Dainese suitcases

Dainese is an Italian company specializing in sportswear, such as motorcycles, mountain biking and downhill skiing. The company was founded in 1972 by its current chairman, Leno Dainese. Dainese offers a "off-the-shelf" and a "made to measure" service. This of course means that there is an opening of different styles as well as prices. Most

Hybrid sports car – The revolution in sports cars

You're looking for a sporty appearance for a sporty look but you do not want to make money for a sporty car that is usually very expensive in your pocket, think about a hybrid sports car. These vehicles are very different from a normal sporty vehicle. A normal sports car is not fuel-efficient enough and

Hybrid Vehicles Going Mainstream

Large SUV owners, hybrid cars are no longer a joke version, now the mainstream are from America and are ready for another record date. After gas prices rose by 13% in 2006, consumers came to hybrids and did not leave them because gas prices are still unstable and disturb consumers. General Motors Corp. and Ford

Where is the Hybrid Car Market in the future?

We all heard a lot about hybrid cars slowly and we hear more and more between $ 2 and $ 3 / gallon each month. But where are the hybrids we promised? Currently there are only about 12 hybrid models available on the market that you can purchase in the United States. Research shows that

Arai RX7 GP Motorcycle Helmet

The Arai RX7 GP helmet is used by Dani Pedrosa, Noriyuki Haga and Nicky Hayden, only a few are mentioned! As a motorcycle knight, are you sure you're following MotoGP, if not, where were you? Arai released the RX7 GP Replica Range for fans to wear their favorite racer's motorcycle helmet. Available in many different

Moto GP – Valentino Rossi wins the Czech Grand Prix

Italian Yamaha racer Valentino Rossi won the last Moto GP Grand Prix in the Czech Republic after defeating Ducati driver Casey Stoner despite the Australian good performance. Toni ElĂ­as, who was also second in the Ducati racing, was a sensational race. With this result Rossi gives twenty-five extra points to his name and now has