What's the best hybrid car?

A few years ago this question would not have been very difficult to answer, as only a few hybrid models existed. Today, however, a number of car makers have entered the market, offering bolder vehicles that motivate many people to see which model best suits their needs. Although hybrids become available in most vehicle classes,

Without Hypermiling Prius

Have you ever heard of "Hypermilers" – people who do not satisfy their hybrids 50 miles per gallon. Instead, they strive to get 70-80 mpg or more. Various techniques are used, including the addition of batteries to their car, slow driving and accelerating, while driving, etc. But those who do not have hybrid can be

1917 Woods Dual Power – the first hybrid car

The first hybrid gas electric car did not come out in 1983, but in 1917. Woods Dual Power was built by the Woods automotive manufacturer in Chicago. Because the gas engine was so rough, but powered and powered, but limited in range, the Woods Automotive Company wanted to offer a car that offers the best

Hybrid vehicles

Van Hybrid vehicles market in the United States? The problem is impressive. When the gas prices grew at an average of $ 3.76 last year, everyone wanted to save the pumps. Automobile manufacturers have sold many compact cars. American vehicles have become smaller and smaller. Then the opposite happened. Gas prices began to fall and

Types of green cars

The environment is a topic that today is very controversial for many people. We are indeed trying to try to reverse the damage caused by ozone and many seek to use environmentally friendly products instead of harming the environment. He sees everything changes from the type of cleaning utensils we use. However, small things are

Hybrid Cars – Can You Really Save These Fuel-Saving Cars?

There is a game during this writing. And in my opinion the name of the game is "facing the US oil crisis". The most important actors are car makers, the government, perhaps the EPA, and of course people are unwitting spectators who are still luring the show. And the pieces of the game are fuel-efficient

How to keep a hybrid car

There are currently nearly two million registered hybrid vehicles in the United States today and more than 50 percent of recent online surveyers say hybrid purchases over the next five years. Finding and finding the right car loan is one of those scary jobs. As popular in vehicles, some buyers are concerned that hybrids are

Hybrid Car Batteries

There are hundreds of thousands of hybrid cars in the United States. In addition, more and more hybrid cars are sold, and these fuel-efficient dealers celebrates record sales. But many environmentalists can lead to problems. They fear that the hybrid eruption of nickel hydride may become a battery-contamination. Environmentalists say that the batteries of hybrid

Hybrid Car Presentation

Do you think that the history of the hybrid car dates back to the 18th century when France had a steam engine with only 6 km / h. Then in the XIX. In the century, he produced an English electric motor, and Vermont with a fork-powered motorcycle. The 1800s were completed by manufacturing hundreds of