Children and hotels

Some hotels are family-friendly. So there's a pool, maybe a game room, a playground, things for kids. Others can not be children friendly, but every hotel has guests who expect kids to behave themselves during their stay.

If you have a child who is athletes such as hockey, basketball or football, there is much time in hotels. There are games, there are tournaments, and probably the whole team (if not more teams) are in the same hotel. This is for many kids. It's great to hang out with other parents, kids hang out with friends and their teammates, but it's up to the kids in the hotel and its surroundings.

For example, the other guest evaluates a group of children running on corridors floating on their lungs. If you do not let the kids leave you at home, why do they do it at the hotel? Another thing that shouts other guests is that silent times can not be kept. Just because it is away from home does not mean that it can act in any day of the day or during the night.

In the hotel, parents can go to the restaurant or bar while the kids are in the pool, but this is tricky as the kids are always watched around the water regardless of their age. Even if parents replace pool service, it's better than no surveillance at all. Ideally, kids should behave properly in the pool area, which means that there is no run, no diving in shallow water and compliance with the pool rules. The same applies to the gym or the fitness center if you are in the hotel. This can be used for all guests, and if the child has the right reason to be supervised, then this is great, but a lot of kids hang out in the gym, which annoys other guests, one does not.

kids and hotels are great mix, families respect the rules, kids are polite and quiet, and everything is fine when the areas allow the problems to arise. Nobody wants me to be kicked out of a hotel and observe the rules of entertainment for everyone.

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