Children who need speed

Eight years of leadership? Fast?

seriously. With over 100 drawstring strips across the country, kids have 8-17 draws. They do it in small, semi-sinking drugs that sit low on the ground, look like space, and are most often painted with outrageous patterns. More than 5,000 children participate annually.

If you like a lot of people, if you think you're competing, you think of "Grease" or dangerous illegal street races. Legitimate – and much safer – pulling in the official sanctioned bands where security measures are paramount, which does not mean that the draw racing is completely safe. No. But the legitimate pull race leaves the illegal street race in the dust as far as safety goes.

The legal junior draw competition is almost perfect. Revolutions are happening and children are injured, but not often, and sanctioning bodies strictly follow both the production rules of the racing cars and the competition rules.

Why consider being a parent to get behind your child's car and drive an eighty mile at 85 km / h? Well, says a former professional competitor, "The kids are attracted to the mobile. The transition from the tricycles and the Hot Wheels to the bikes, first with the coach wheels and the big day when the training wheels come out. begins when children are about 7 years old, interest in the car has begun, and when the pulling sanctioning bodies have introduced the Junior Dragster category, the door was open to the children

Although there was no official study, experts say it is a bit There is anecdotal evidence that legally-exercising children are better, safer drivers when they get their driving license. like on the road, because when they compete with another car on the track and usually know where the other car is.

A professional competitor knows the dangers of driving too well. Two of his sons were killed in a car accident. As a result, he launched an organization that teaches safe driving techniques for teenagers. Since 2008, three thousand teenagers (and their parents) have gone to school.

Learn about anti-lock brakes. There is a distraction course, a band change practice, a wheel-reducing practice to teach teenagers how to repair their car when a tire falls off the road shoulder.

As for the safety of the drawstring, this professional competitor recommends the following riders:

• When you first start, get another junior rider or parent to come and see the car. Maybe you notice, "Hey, governance doesn't look so good, or that the tire doesn't look good."

• Before you compete, get to know the car. "Sit in the car and see what you're going to do. OK, you start the engine. This will go with the water and you will spin the tires to clean them." raise the car a little to the stage and get used to the feeling of brakes that the throttle pedals get back into the pit? "

In addition to the competition, the competitor remarks that the junior riders learn to deal with others. He says we can learn a lot from junior pull-ups, maybe not just things that help in racing, but usually in life

by CJ Carter

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