China Motorsport and why it is impressive

China is constantly on the headlines in a number of foreign newspapers, magazines, TV shows. For the past 7 years, as a French citizen living in China, I was surprised how much he wrote about China in my own country. A few years ago, the Chinese year in France, the following year was the year of France in China, exhibitions, exhibitions, conferences, was a good way for both countries to get to know each other better. But even though China is around the world at the forefront of the media, it is still growing in many areas and goes through the learning process, but not long.

Motorsport is no exception to the rule; China learns, but learns quickly, very quickly. Europe has a much longer culture of competition, people have been enjoying events with their families for years, people have been driving cars for more than 100 years, but it seems that slowly, the Western world is not like motorsport, this kind of stagnant while China increasingly exploits motor sport by involving automobile manufacturers, race teams, and promoters

China is catching up, motor sports booming. It's amazing that international standards are coming in many successes over the years, which are not all successful, but we do everything we can to succeed: FIA GT, F1, MotoGP, V8, DTM, Le Mans, WTCC. China seeks for early grace for events. I remember a few years ago when I was working in the Zhuhai international area, we visited a US promoter who wanted to discuss a historic F1 event in ZIC. However we welcomed your ideas and vision and was open to hearing your offer, we did not yet know that Chinese motor sports companies are now able to negotiate, partner with series and championships, not just buy events at any price. So if he offered us to buy the rights for the event for a few million dollars, the transaction stopped immediately.

And with this simple anecdote, I just want to show that China's motor sport has moved to a different level over the last few years. The first Hong Kong Beijing rally was the first GT race in downtown Zhuhai in the first S1 F1 race to put China on a motorcycle for the international motorbike map, but if we look at what events are coming to China in 2011, which partnerships and sponsors and involvement of all partners, teams and associations, this is a completely different scene than in the early 1990s at the beginning of Chinese motor sports.

Obviously, everything is not perfect and some things need to be improved. When an industry is growing fast, foundations can get tricked. I would say that one of the most important things is to improve all players in the industry: the relationship between promoters, circuits, teams, associations and sponsors can often be smoother and healthier. Most of the parties are passionate about this sport, which is great and necessary, but business priorities often take on wildly. From time to time, the struggle between the actors seems to be unnecessary: ​​who will help who, who will organize it. But this is also part of the growing business community, we all want a piece of cake, and this is nothing more than Chinese motor sports, in fact it is perhaps even more obvious because of the fascinating image of motor sports and the strong media coverage. But do not forget that we all have the responsibility for the sport we love, the picture we give is what people remember. Small and big operators all contribute to this image. The best of the Chinese motor sports, the more companies return to the community.

2011 will be another stunning year with new events and a super-busy month in November in South China by WTCC's GIC and Intercontinental Le Mans Cup in Zhuhai on the final round and then the world-famous Macau Grand Prix. 2011 is also: news, new teams, new Chinese moves on local and foreign scenes, and many foreign companies that want to invest in our sport, look forward to working together.

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