Choosing the right body kit for your car and application

There are many body parts and accessories to choose to improve your car's appearance. In most cases, side skirts and rear bumpers placed in the street car are visual updates and do not affect the treatment. At high speed, the front bumper will affect the handling. Read the accompanying article on Aerodynamics "Optimizing Aerodynamic Balance" for aerodynamically balanced car.

If you do not plan to compete with your car, a body kit is a purely visual upgrade. But in racing, I recommend installing a light front bumper (preferably aerodynamically tested).

Body sets are generally made of fiberglass, ABS plastic, polyurethane or carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is the best material (at least for racing) because it is light and strong. However, it is very expensive and can not be repaired if it breaks at any time. ABS plastic and glass fibers are light and not as close to as expensive as carbon fibers, but as they are rigid materials, they are usually prone to cracking.

For street use, durability is the biggest problem. Weight is no problem. Therefore, polyurethane and ABS plastic are good choices. They are both flexible and have many abuses. Read the Body Kit product brochure at to compare the different materials and list the manufacturers that are working with them.

The best way to install a body kit is to bring it to an experienced grocery store. Although stocks are specifically designed for individual cars, many preparatory work must be done before they can be installed. It is necessary to remove the core parts, to thread the holes in the kit, and to paint before the kit. Unless you have the right tools and tools to do this, pay a shop to work. is an excellent part of body selection and ordering. Before purchasing the kit, read your articles about selecting, transporting, and installing your body kit.

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