Chrome fiberglass bumpers

Glass fibers quickly become substrates for individual car and racing car fans. Glass fiber has many advantages over metal. Most of the weight and ease of use with glass fiber. Fiberglass castings are designed for almost any automotive panel to make it easy or customizable. Older caravans or vintage vehicles that are no longer in production and in the racing car are the main market areas that we now see.

The only fiberglass problem is that you limit the type of surface applied to the substrate.

For most vehicles, this is not a problem, as most automotive products are compatible with fiberglass glasses. The problem is with the vehicle accessories, especially the bumper. Chromed metal bumpers give a large amount of weight between seventy-five and fifty-five pounds. This added weight can cause some problems for cars that are primarily fiberglass. The fiberglass body can not support the added weight and can not cause stress cracks. If the vehicle compete, the added weight may slow down the vehicle tracking time.

The unique properties of individual coatings include a new XXX chrome plated coating that allows the inclusion of fiberglass bumpers and most other raw materials. It's called chemical metallurgy. The process involves incorporating a primer into a part to reach a truly smooth surface. Next, instead of the usual electrical procedure, a thin metal coating is applied by chemical reaction. The last step is to place an armor on top. The finished process seems to be the same as chrome plating.

Some advantages of this process are that all surfaces are chromed and any imperfections in the workpiece can be fixed with conventional car repair procedures. There is also environmental benefit for the process. Chromium uses a number of extremely hazardous chemicals and is heavily regulated. Chemical metallization results in a minimal amount of waste and is more environmentally friendly.

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