Classic Cars – Online Shopping Guide

The purchase of a classic car is thought, research and design. Classic cars are usually used and enjoyed by fans. It's not easy to profit from buying and selling classic cars.

Design a plan and do its utmost to insist on it

You can see a ghostly classic car restoration project in a newspaper or classic car magazine or on the Internet that can only be bought in one or two thousand and worth ten times as much restored.

Do you have the ability to do the chassis, the engine, the interior, and the outside? If we need to find a specialized company to undertake one or more jobs, buying your tenfold price can only come to zero or very low profits. In fact, in many cases, the costs of restoration are more than the market value of the car. If you plan to keep the car and enjoy it, then it's probably a reasonable price to pay, but you can not expect to be able to sell the car with profits, especially in today's "credit crunch" economy.

– Do you have enough storage? You have enough work space (remember once, stripped, bits can take up a lot of space). The old car does not want to get rid of it, even on a plastic sheet to protect it from rain, frost, and snow, and even the worst mazochist does not want to keep open when it catches. The place opposite the cold concrete garage is insufficient, but works outside all the elements, usually restoring the restoration project permanently.

Where to find your classic car.

Check out the local newspaper, classic car magazines, the internet, or just walk down the street. There is no shortage of old cars to buy. But what if you are looking for something special? Well, let's face it, these days is the easiest place on the web.

Go to Classic Lots (the link below) and find thousands of classic cars from the rusty Mini for £ 100 for Ferrari for £ 500,000. This excellent site also includes all classic cars available in Ebay.

Once you've identified the car you want, read the lines and see the background image. You can learn a lot from what you do not say and description of the description.

I'm always careful when saying "sell a friend" and yet there is no contact number for the friend so you can make a personal relationship. When the object of the run is omitted from the specification field and the description … why?

It is essential to keep in touch with reality. IF IN DOUBT – CHECK IT OUT !!!! Answer these niggling questions. On the pictures you can see what's like the oil on the ground. Bought the car? Is this sludge or rust?

Ask yourself four questions. Why do I want the car? How much can I pay? How much would I like to travel to view or collect? and then the most important question is all … Do I really know about these cars to commit a thousand pounds to a nice (or perhaps rusty) piece of metal?

So buying a classic car at an online auction? Well, I would suggest that you adopt the following rules before starting such a business and before you can bid.

Keep in mind that you are the highest bidder (assuming you have a backup that has been met) and you win after you have signed a legal contract to purchase the vehicle (provided the seller has correctly described the vehicle).

Do not count on collecting the car and wandering for the price. The buyer should pay attention and, if possible, always look at the car personally before placing the bids. If you do not feel that you can estimate the status of a prospective purchase, take someone with you to be able to give you an honest opinion on your vehicle status. You may also consider using AA or RAC to conduct professional pre-buys tests – if the seller seems to be reluctant to let this check go!

Checking the car before bidding

If you've decided, check out the car, then arrange for the lookout and if you can not do it for some reason, let the seller know, just be polite to avoid wasting your time as you do not want, to waste your time.

: a jack, maybe an axis of security, a torch, gloves, and at least one list of points you want to watch.

When you get there, look around. The car was kept from the outside or was garaged, which gives a good indication of the condition that the body and chassis can expect. There are other rotten wreckage that just lie, maybe the seller just gets all the old rags you find and tries to sell, not a lot of chances for a car that he has come to do anything in the past.

round the car and look for signs of deflection that may indicate suspicious problems or possibly chassis problems. Doors and panels are okay, another sign of a chassis problem, or maybe the car has been hit at the same time. Was it even a car, or was it only once? Any repairs? Have you done well or have repairs done? Do the tires match? What are they in? Check for rot in the body or fiberglass cars / panels, find stress cracks. Check the most prone areas, for example. curves, tiles, doors, trunk and bonnet. There are many different types of panels that can be repaired in the car, so the quality of the repairs can vary.

Check the inside of the car. Windows, the first and the back of the screen are any of them leaking? Is the headpiece damaged or dirty? Raise carpets where you can, check that water and any rot, maybe even holes on the floor? Check the floor and the joints, do not forget the inside of the trunk, the floor and the spare wheel. If you are happy with the body, try the engine (check it was not around the engine compartment). Will the engine be cold? If the engine is hot, maybe the seller tries to hide something, perhaps the cold-start problems, maybe he had to start a jump start or a tractor to get started. Listen to every knock, look for smoke. If you see blue smoke at startup, which clears it quickly, it means the valves are tired and oils leak into the combustion chambers. If smoke is unclear, which could be a very tired engine, then something needs to be added to the budget, which is due not only to the test but also to the repairs.

Heating vapor may indicate a blown headset or even a cracked cylinder head when commissioned. Remove the radiator cap and locate the "goo". Cross contamination and good cylinder head problem. Black smoke, probably just an overly rich blend, but just as easily worn carburetor. Well, for several reasons, the slight touch of the engine's top end can be a worn cam shaft or a small end at the exit. The underlying knock may be a big end carrying its last breath. It's an expensive fix. Rumble noise can be the bearing of the main crankshaft and even an expensive repair. Check the various hydraulic fluids and water levels. Find every patch around the compartment and on the engine. Is the radiator a smell of antifreeze? Is there some oil around? Not a good sign. Hold the engine for a while, some problems will not appear until the engine is warm. If the car is to be driven, take it for a spin. How do you feel on the road, right or left? Is the clutch "spongy" or solid? Does the car brake traffic? (eek!) Take the steering wheel, all the excuses? If it speeds up, will the car sink in some direction?

OK, so good. Now the car can be 20 or 30 years old, so it will not have all the original parts. Brake shoes, clutches, spark plugs, dots, etc. If the original parts are no longer working properly! But seriously, if you look at an older car, do you have the original panel? The Inner Original? These points can add value to the car, but the seller may try to hand over those parts that were made in China as "original parts" last year.

Check the paperwork. Do you have all the required paper? Check the logbook, which is a very good place, and you do not have to talk to "We've just moved to a house and we can not find it now and send it to you …". Never buy a vehicle without a log unless you know exactly what it is doing. All old MOT certificates can be useful and any revenue is good.

Appreciating classic cars.

How much to pay? Well, the classic car's actual value varies considerably. From the state, the model, the year and of course depends on what does it matter? How much would you pay to be home in the car?

Be Realistic! Just because there is not enough reason to buy a Rolls Royce 1926 Roller Coaster if you do not know where to get the rest of the car and you can not decide what to do with the parts if you can get them . Assuming following this advice when checking a car, it would be a good idea to recommend a car that you can go to or for a period of months, even if you have a wheel (19659004) If you read magazines, talking with the owners' club and browsing the internet to get a good idea of ​​which car you want to sell your car, you should pay attention to paying for it depending on your car's condition.

Most classic car insurance bonds contain the accepted value based on the car's market value. At the end of the day this is yours and your budget. If you're happy with what you paid for the car, that's all that matters.

Basic Rules for Online Auctions

Specify what you want – and have some idea of ​​how much you want to pay. Set a budget

only knows what you can afford to spend or borrow. Use classic car magazine prices and real ads to see what the classic shopping will look like. Ideally, hold 10 percent to cover unexpected issues. Calculate operating costs based on mpg data. Buy insurance quotes: Classic cars can be covered by cost-effective limited mileage policies and often provide surprisingly cheap insurance. Keep in mind, however, that pre-1972 vehicles do not have a permit to travel. Talk to the owners about how costly your classmate is.

Join the owners' club. There is a wealth of expert resources in the owner clubs. Not just a few of the best-looking cars, but have a huge amount of knowledge about your chosen classic shopping and operation. There are often cheap insurance and part programs as well.

Get their anoraks! Not really – you can buy some books from selected classic, read magazines and become a classic car drill. Explore the Internet and visit the classic car Talk to the owners. You never know too much.

Choose a set of examples … and do not let the cash put a hole in your pocket. You can sell thousands of cars a day, so be patient if you do not have it today, soon.

Check the vendors location – willing to go to check and collect the car when you win the auction. Do you have to consider the cost of new pride and joy that has been collected by an auto carrier or you can pick up a trailer and collect it yourself?

Check out the seller. Read all feedback in the past three months, negative feedback should ring the alarm ring and have to know your seller. Why Sell, etc. "Why do you betray the car?", "Do you have spare parts?", "How long does it take?", "Is there a rot?", "Is there a story? MOT, revenue, etc. It can be useful for rebuilding. If you know any details of the car you are asking, ask any questions you feel you need to answer. You can save a long drive and time if you have the information you need before you go

If a vehicle is shorter than 3 months , ask the seller if they are willing to send a new car

If a car is sold as a MOT, ask the seller to provide a list of errors, then enter the local garage ring and ask them to give it gives you an idea to get the cost of your vehicle from the MOT This saves you time and money in the long term, it makes no sense to bidding for a vehicle that you it will be expensive to back on the road.

Keep a copy of all sent and received emails between you and the seller. will be useful in case of dispute or conflict arising from the description of the item or the promises made by the seller.

Make sure the seller is a private individual or a trader for many people and are just trying to let them pass as their own vehicle for a quick profit.

If the seller is a trader who is privately owned and willing to lie about their condition, what else is he willing to lie !!

If a vehicle is sold by an individual, ask them how long is the owner of the vehicle? is the diary in their own name and at home address? if it is a real private sale, then the answers to the above questions are yes! if the answer does not correspond to the above walk.

Some examples of objections commonly found by merchants as purely private sellers that the vehicle is not on their behalf. "I bought a car to marry, a man or a family member and do not like" "insurance high" (people usually always get an insurance quote before they buy a car) "wife or husband did not like the car" "too big or too fast" or "driving test" "I bought the car as a breaker slot"

ringing every bell? I'm sure you heard at least one of the above and I've heard all of them.

Please note that there is a legal requirement to register the vehicle name, regardless of how long you intend to keep the car. a reputable dealer must know and publish the fact that you are a trader, remember to take over the trade, have certain obligations to remedy the car's problems

. If you purchased the car without prior checking before you begin to collect the car, print the battery's side and take it with you. If the seller has incorrectly described the item, you will have evidence to dispute it

If you buy from a private buyer, always contact the seller at your home address, which is the same as the car's address. If there is a problem then you will have at least one address where you will come back. Do not accept "meeting in the Tesco parking lot because it will be easier than finding my home"

When you go to collect a vehicle if you are not sure whether the vehicle or the seller is walking. Never forget the hard earned money until you are satisfied.

After handing over your money, you can not return it. If you have not seen the car before, you will not pay it if you do not have enough choice to take the car or lose all the money.

What's the worst that can happen when you leave? the seller gives negative feedback. it's better to get a negative feedback than a car that has a lot of problems and time and money. You can always discuss your case on the online auction site and cancel your feedback.

As a winning bidder, you are required to execute a transaction, but the seller has a greater duty to be honest about yourself and the item they sell. If the seller has incorrectly described the vehicle and does not complete the transaction, it is very likely that you will take legal action against it because it fails to perform the business. Keep in mind, however, that if you simply change your mind and go without a good reason, the seller can take steps to recover the money.

Basic rules apply even if you buy from a trader or a private buyer if something sounds good, then it's usually !!!

I hope you found this guide useful and that if you use this advice when buying a classic car online, you can help avoid the pitfalls and hopefully you will find classic cars and enjoy them in the coming years.

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