Crazy facts about the world's largest ship

The Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas is a miracle of modern technology. In 2010, the ship was launched as the largest passenger ship ever built. There are many well-documented facts about the delights of the sea, but the following information illustrates this great ship. The boat's video, which is barely passing under the Storebaelt Bridge, is a very popular video on YouTube.

The sea congregation has a gross weight of 225.282 tons. If you wanted to put this ship in place, more than 1848 Saturn V rocket (the rocket that would first man to the moon) would be used and will use nearly 1.8 billion gallons of fuel in the process.

Allure of the Seas was $ 1.4 billion. This is the same cost as the Wembley Stadium.

150 miles of pipeline running along the Seas Allure and an additional 3,300-mile electric cable (from Lisbon to New York). The boat boasts 100 000 lighting points to be fitted.

The ship has 4 slides that move the ship. Each of them can produce 7500 horsepower. This is a Formula One racing car 10 times! And that's not even the main engines.

The Allure of the Seas power plant generates enough electricity on average to spend 44,000 homes or light up Blackpool Illuminations for another 600 miles

. the seas are 7.5 million man hours. Compare this with the Empire State Building, which was built in 7 million people.

The ship-to-pipe station is 75 meters tall. This is 50% higher than the Colosseum 50m high in Rome.

The main restaurant of the ship uses 50,000 cutlery,

Guests of the cruise ship are expected to use about 60,000 napkins for each cruise

liter paint

Passengers and crew on board will use 2.35 million liters of water each day

If you are trying to pick up the ship with 12V car batteries only, 17,000 per hour.

On the Underwater Allure, the smallest TV is 32 inches in size. All cabins, including crew cabins, include high-definition TVs.

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