Crazy in America

"The National Scandal" is used by Mrs Pfeiffer, an investigative reporter, the term describing mental illness and the appalling tragic encounters with the criminal justice system. In this pleading book, he documented in detail the story of the mentally ill individuals who have been in contact with the 6 criminal justice systems due to abnormal psychotic behavior associated with their illness, and has suffered tragic experiences in prisons and prisons. This terrible story is that people with imprisoned mental illness often suffer from dehumanizing experiences. It is a documentation that includes people in a system that has "too little mental health care" and a system that "allows people to eat in a society that is good for people to catch up with, but not as good to free them." "

The story of Shayne, who at the age of fourteen was diagnosed with acute schizophrenia. From that moment on he faced extraordinary difficulties and over the years he was hospitalized twenty-five times and spent in prison. He spent most of his time in jail "in the hole" because he couldn't follow the prison rules. He successfully pulled out one of his eyeballs; two years later, he managed to pull the other eyeball, completely blind.

This is Luke's story of being bipolar and drug-dependent at a young age. Depression was part of his life. After being imprisoned, Luke had difficulties with coping skills. He always became emotionally shocked until he was killed by suicide

This is a story of Joseph stealing more cars and getting into a youth correctional facility where he was unable to cope successfully. After two months in a closing position in a small cell with no TV, no family visit, no workouts, no personal property, no mental health services, the severely spoiled Joseph at the age of eighteen died of suicide.

Crazy America is an intense, emotionally gentle depiction of the lives of mentally ill people in a system that has failed to understand the illnesses and thus has not been able to handle them effectively. Only a few of them could be represented by Mrs Pfeiffer. As the author claims, "The mass of imprisoned humanity has at least three hundred thousand people with mental illness." This book increases the list of books dealing with the growing social problems of mental illness and imprisonment.

The author strongly supports change and wrote many articles about imprisoned mental patients. Clarifies the meaning of the crazy word. Not used for mentally ill people; He uses it to describe what he says in a crazy way society responds to mentally ill individuals. Pfeiffer is doing her book properly and comfortably, saying: "America should try to heal its illnesses again and help heal itself, with the wisdom of history and with the knowledge that the people we heal are the people we heal. "

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