Dainese suitcases

Dainese is an Italian company specializing in sportswear, such as motorcycles, mountain biking and downhill skiing. The company was founded in 1972 by its current chairman, Leno Dainese. Dainese offers a "off-the-shelf" and a "made to measure" service. This of course means that there is an opening of different styles as well as prices. Most of the "skins" use handmade and exotic materials such as carbon fibers and titanium. The competition sponsorship program was used for research and development of new innovations. In 2008 and 2009, Dainese presented an airbag suit through MotoGP sponsored tours. Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo both use this dress in competitions. The suit is fitted with an airbag in a piece of leather that is inflated to the surface around the neck and shoulders after the inner microprocessor of the dressing room explodes. To date, it was noted that all the knights of the MotoGP that Dainese Leathers wore had collapsed and never broke. This is a result Dainese is incredibly proud of for years of hard work and research.

Many people wear Dainese skins in MotoGP. The most famous are Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Nikki Hayden, Tom Sykes, Guy Martin and Jenny Tinmoth, who are the first lady to ride in the MotoGP. If you are looking for a thinner and more flexible construction when you compete, you want to choose from the Kangaroo's butt, easier and more flexible than the cow. Thanks to weight reduction, the rider can make it more comfortable and increase their mobility. The only disadvantage is that hiding the Kangaroo is that, although it provides protection for every event, the skin's thinness means that it is less durable in time.

When it comes to deciding that the Kangaroo or cowboy really depends on the tendency to ride a motorcycle. If you shave every second second and you want to achieve the best performance on the track, the Kangaroo will hide you when it is your choice. If you are an occasional track-day racer who wants to get the greatest lifetime of the purchase, Cowhide will be your best friend for a long time.

Dainese uses European scaling designed to fit the body better than in most other countries, such as America. If you are ordering skin measurement, obviously there will be no problem with scaling because manufacturers will be able to calculate their measurements accordingly.

Do not worry if your skin is of a different size. Dainese put all of her skin on the same length zip. The only exception is that women's zippers are shorter than men's clothing. So if you decide to mix gender lines, you will not be properly aligned.

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