Diesel efficiency gains make fuel consumption more difficult

As global oil prices conveniently settled on a new standard of more than ninety dollars per barrel, fuel economy has become more than a flooding phenomenon, has become a lifestyle. With the environmental impact of hybrid vehicle components and increasing diesel fuel efficiency, more and more concerns are raised, and US automakers will see more than diesel in the future.


Diesel engines are more efficient than gasoline engines. Diesel engines, due to fuel and engine life, are the reasons why diesel engines take advantage of the world's transport fleets. Thanks to common wisdom, only hybrid cars are more efficient, but are they? VW's latest test of diesel, gas and hybrid Jetta models can only change your mind. The efficiency of all three models showed that the efficiencies of the hybrids and the efficiency of the diesel were the same, but the diesel model was paid in half of the split drive


For years, diesel emissions have exceeded diesel efficiency. The technology developed and implemented over the last few years has alleviated this concern. New technologies such as DEF, developed and executed on all diesel vehicles, ideally eliminate all particulate and nitrous oxide emissions, and in some cases, gasoline is cleaned by petrol engines.


While diesel efficiency has always been appealing, the lack of availability of diesel cars, especially in the United States, has never enabled most car manufacturers to do so. With the diesel innovations of recent years this has changed. For years in the United States only diesel engines were expensive German cars or heavy trucks. Now, American manufacturers such as Mazda Chrysler and are at the forefront of new diesel efficiency and innovation.

Diesel Production

Over the decades, automated diesel oil selection in the United States was limited to expensive German cars, automakers in the states jump on both feet in the car diesel market, both in keeping up with changing customer needs and maintaining CAFE standards. Chevy recently announced the production of Cruze diesel, automatic transmission and 42 MPG EPA rating. This is compared to the Cruze Eco engine, manual gearbox and non-users. Mazda has developed innovative diesel technology for its passenger cars, Skyactiv, which gives Mazda 6 43 MPG and is extremely efficient and low emission. Chrysler, the European cousin engine and technology lending, offers the 2014 Cherokee diesel engine and the only halftone diesel pick-up.

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