Diesel Vs Electric Vs Hybrid Cars

When it comes to the automotive brand marketing technology that makes it so difficult to choose one of the "perfect", highly advanced vehicles of the future, as they show you all the ads, it's becoming more and more difficult to consider the choice. Let's look at the bright body, the comfortable leather seats and the multi-tech car stereo, and focus on the element that makes the difference: the car's engine! Diesel, electric motor or hybrid engine, is this the big question now?

The primary benefits of diesel cars (and since all the other benefits of the crisis exceed the other benefits) fuel saving and thus saving money. If you compare with a vehicle with a petrol engine, you will see that the diesel car requires much less fuel, and in the long run, the costs associated with the purchase. Another major pro, maintained by diesel car owners, driving performance, as engine performance is much higher than a gasoline engine, allows them to move faster than the stop signal when driving a sporty car.

There is still a long way to work with technology and mechanics to achieve perfection. There are also big minuses that have diesel cars. In the case of diesel engines, the first major inconvenience is caused by the costs. They are more expensive than gasoline engines, but as mentioned above, these costs can be offset by saving money by purchasing fuel. Another "disability" would be its weight because it has a much higher compression ratio. Now, for nature-friendly drivers, the stinging smoke of Diesel can be a real problem, not to mention gasoline engines are much more noisy. 19659002] Now let's continue the pyramid of the motorcycle engine and note the benefits and cos of electric cars. This type of car seems to be in any environment with the driver's dream. Using one or two drive engines, therefore, the fuel is converted to electricity, and is currently the less polluting vehicle. That's not all. If you are a speed-dependent, you can certainly appreciate your second great advantage: you can end up with maximum strength and also add that it is much easier to improve mechanically.

To reduce enthusiasm, I need to remind you that you have to schedule driving sessions because, as long as you charge a battery, it will take a while. In addition, another issue is determined by the infrastructure and high costs of the charging stations, more precisely, which immediately increases the cost of electricity for electric cars driven there to fill their batteries.

Finally, we took the highest position in the automotive hierarchy, where the car of the future is to be seen: the hybrid car that connects the electric motor's energy with the gas filling engine. Immediately a thought crosses our heads: this is the environmentally friendly car we all expected, with lower emissions. There is more! We can be concerned about pollution and CO emissions, but we should not worry about the impact of buying a new car on our wallet.

Fortunately, batteries need not be charged from external sources, and hybrid cars will determine the dependence on fossil fuels. You may think, because this is the more perfect car nowadays, what disadvantages would it be? Well, the first one would be that they are not accessible to everyone and even expensive. The second problem that I have to deal with when focusing on diesel cars should be the heavy weight of the engine. Now an embarrassing problem and concern for manufacturers is the accumulated high voltage in their batteries, which reduces their safety in a car crash.

To sum up, dear future buyer, you are the one who decides which of the most important qualities your car should be in the perspective of your car: safety, speed, environmental protection, cost, reliability, etc. There is no perfect car like the last car!

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