Disadvantages of hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are great and have many advantages, no doubt. Hybrid cars save you so your wallet is thick! These cars contribute less to greenhouse effect than conventional cars. These hybrid cars are the two biggest pro. But we all know if there is any advantage and disadvantages!


The biggest disadvantage of hybrid cars is definitely the price! For example, the 2008 Toyota Camry will cost around $ 19,000, while the hybrid version will cost close to $ 25,000. That's about $ 6,000 difference, which is a lot of money. Another example is the 2008 Honda Civic, which costs $ 15,000 and Civic Hybrid costs $ 7,000. On average, the hybrid version of the car is between 2000 and 4000 dollars, compared to the non-hybrid version.

Dangerous Accidents

Although the electric motor gives several kilometers and helps to save the gases, it can be dangerous during the crash. Most hybrid cars use metal hydride batteries, and the high voltage they store can be very dangerous if the wires are exposed, so there is a risk of electric shock in the driver's case.


As mentioned above, batteries in hybrid cars are theoretically killed. There are other problems with the battery. Hybrid car makers are committed to covering 80,000-100,000 miles of batteries. Car makers say the car's battery will last forever. But what if something unforeseen happens and the car batteries are no longer guaranteed? Unfortunately, the items are in a fortune! The other problem with the batteries is that they must be recharged at least every two weeks. So if you want to vacation, you will need a "car engine" to take care of your car. Some hybrid car owners also have a problem with the battery in cold weather.


No offense, but most hybrid cars are slow! They show slower acceleration and lower peak speeds than their conventional counterparts. If you need speed, hybrid cars do not meet your needs! Hybrid cars are driving slowly, which is not really a bad thing!

All of these disadvantages after the hybrid cars the way! Car makers seek to overcome these disadvantages. I'm sure hybrid cars will be easier in the near future, safer and better performance!

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