DIY hybrid cars

DIY hybrid cars are increasingly angry as the constantly high gas prices. From Memorial Day in 2008, most cities report average gasoline prices around $ 4. You can only imagine the price you can get for gas until the end of the summer.

DIY hybrid drastically increases gas mileage. Using one of the many conversion sets available online, you can actually switch a car to run water and gasoline. Hybrid cars are cars that use a second source of energy … usually electricity or HHO, the gas generated through the electrolysis process. Some attempts have been made with golf carts that use six or ten batteries for power. The problem of this type of hybrid is the low life cycle between charges. They can be excellent for three or four blocks, but they can not be used for long-distance trips.

It is much better idea to use HHO to drive the car. The conversion kit simply does it yourself. Plans or plans should be removed from the Internet, but do not worry. Their popularity is easy to find them. Plans cost about $ 50 to $ 100. The majority of the plans provide good technical support if it is difficult to make plans. The necessary parts for each hardware or car part can be stored for an additional $ 50. You can have less than $ 100 with your own hybrid car.

Some notes here. Conversion kits are virtually safe for every car and truck. Installing one will invalidate the car warranty. You have to wait 20-50% of your mileage. If this is not enough, you may be eligible for a tax refund of up to $ 2,000 to start "green".

If you're curious, but still a bit slow, try an older model car. Be shocked because your older car will be cleaner and quieter with these fantastic conversion kit.

DIY hybrid cars. The idea is not new, but its timing could not be better now!

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