Drag Racing Horsepower

When we talk about drag racing horsehair, we will ask two main questions. 1. How fast do you want to go? 2. How much money to spend? I had to believe (as most drag-racing beginners) that a lot of money is needed to build a fast hot rod. Is this true?

It's true if you try to buy all the tools and you're there to increase your horsepower and try to buy the horsepower literally to run thousands of dollars; but you have a good fortune, a good old country boy born and I had to improvised my whole life when others could overturn.

So when I built my first racing car, I had to work harder and think harder to compete with the other towing riders who bought the horsepower.

Over the years, many people have been poorly proved when they produced a horsepower on a budget and now I'm going to share my secrets where I find horses for horsepower basically little or no money.

You'll be surprised to find the horsepower in so many unexpected places. Of course, the obvious way to get the most horsepower is to reduce the weight of your car. There are several ways to do this, as I say in my article about the weight loss of cars.

Let's take a look at some of the less obvious ways to get free horsepower. First, just take the old gray matter (your brain) and think of the cars that can be removed or tossed in order to gain more power for the rear wheels

. Reduce drag by placing an electric water pump driver on the car to turn on the water pump, but you need a battery charger. Note: This engine will cool down if you completely remove the belt.

2nd Certain components require a lot of power, such as generator, power steering pump, A / C unit, water pump and air pump, as both are driven by the crankshaft, so if you completely remove the serpentine belt, you will release some serious horsepower. With this back end you can transfer 20-40 horsepower.

When I was in the light, I had to take my belt completely to power the electrical system and the crankshaft. Charge the battery between the wheels so that it is a good battery charger and basically everything I did was the electric water pump to keep the engine running. It's 20-30 hp released.

3rd Another trick you can do instead of the basic distributor is a crank start signal to burn the spark plugs and this loses the pull force and drops the camshaft gear

. Additional inexpensive horsepower is hidden and is just waiting to be found when adding a undercounter or a short belt replacement on the track. Pulleys reduce engine drag by slowing the worm gear

5. Want to produce 10 to 30 horsepower with a simple change and very little money, then add a catch plate that screws the engine bottom and blocks the engine and plate oil, and as the engine runs, keeps the oil on the crankshaft counterparts and reduces the pulling force.

Even better when using a deep mirror oil pan, it is better because it increases the distance from the crankshaft to the oil drill. The best pan is an aftermarket with a mesh grain and prevents the oil splashing on the crankshaft. The best oil control is a dry tank that holds the oil in a separate container and there is no oil in the oil pan.

6th Your wheels may cause severe dragging, which is called rolling resistance. Running the first tires with as much air as possible reduces drag and raise time.

To reduce the car, several other things can be done. Learn how the horsepower is cheap, simple, easy and sometimes free. Horse racing is not necessarily expensive for beginners, but it is only available with the help of the drag racing tutor.

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