E85 – You're ready

If you read the articles I've written, then you know that one of my favorite things is doing things that other people do not tell you, you can only achieve a bit originality with all your goals with your car, and do not forget the time, time you can finish all the projects that you start from your old car.

Now that I'm moving this, I can freely discuss the E85 ethanol and how much benefit you and your classic car are, this is one of the topics that some people are just a little touchy. I'm going to say things like the E85 can not be used on an old car and everything I have to say is not.

New cars have fuel systems that pump a daily fuel injection and injection system and the reason why the E85 is not used in more new cars is the same reason why all Sayers says it can not be used classic cars, and that is why alcohol consumption contains all the rubber mixtures that come into contact with it.

He said that fuel can be pumped by other methods, with rubber rings and alcohol burned on the racetrack and you do not see cars pumping the entire track, so it is worth pumping the fuel in the same way you use, using teflon lined steel tubing to pump the fuel , and for a pump that does not have their own rubber, you can pick up Jegs and ask them.

Then all you have to do is decide how you will take the air and the fuel mixture into your engine and you are a conventional man and this will be the carburettor for the car, get a hold of Demon Carburetor or Holley and ask them for an alcoholic atomiser , I'm sure they will be more willing to help you if you have an injection system at your car, you can still order it from Holley, or convert your OEM style to alcohol, see wherever you go, really everything is possible and I suggest you to afford it, it will be easier with time, and one carburettor company will make a set, but that is the answer.

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