Easy way to restore wiper blades

We all know that driving is unnecessarily costly

Not only are cars getting more expensive to buy, but also days when they simply pay for road use and insurance against accidents.

My own fault is totally flawed because governments have a system that slowly and strategically introduces "slippery revenue elevators" to avoid unwarranted rejection, so slippery tricks can slip payment into registration, pay permission , pay to stop, pay to run, pay for parking, pay for work, pay for engine size and type, pay for parts and fuel, and now the latest one:

Wonderful how many slippery fees can be slipped between voters to float the political or financial nests of our elected dictator

In any case, we are staying where we have to look at every small economy just to keep ourselves on the road. And if they don't get to us on the cars, they'll take us by public transport. Frankly speaking, taxpayers will be out of the way

In any case, a lot of our money will transfer this cash vacuum to the necessary security components, such as spare brake pads, new windscreen wipers, tires, oils and so on. Perhaps even compulsory vehicle testing is just one year of revenue-raising, though it also provides important security controls?

The key here is to stay as safe as possible on the roads, but spend as much as you can.

In this case, it is definitely great to see that there is another way to hang a bit of the old, hard-earned person, and thus even help eco-pollution, while causing less pollution.

Where this can be done, a rather simple but completely annoying element, the so-called wiper blades, which of course use almost all modes of transport.

The problem with windscreen wipers is that they are fairly delicate mechanisms that easily wear out. it may be a bugger to switch over because of the weather they receive, depending on where they are actually outside the vehicle.

They are only made from reasonably soft rubber or silicon compounds, as they are rather soft and do not need to scratch the windscreen, but are rigid enough to remove damp and dirt.

The wiper blades work to pull the screen, then retract and retract. In this way, the rectangular shoulder at the edge of the paddle can be tilted with almost scissor action and remove dirt, particles and water

. sharpen the wiper blade fast enough to be two things.

First you usually have to hunt and buy a new shovel, then second, fight, often at the least comfortable moment and while tossing your fingers, you can turn off the old shovels and the new one …. But you can't stay clean , right?

What I like best about the sentence is that it sounds so simple and simple? And this is the trap. Actually, I'm a professional engineer, and yet I admitted that I managed to cut myself out of them once and destroyed a series that tried to change them.

So, ignoring this pain and stress, if you appreciate the actual mechanics of the wiper blade and what you do, the whole problem will disappear for you … Almost permanently. serious consideration has been given to the development of a new tool that can simply refurbish and restore most wiper blades to new ones. Of course, this is going on to save the extensive agony of finding and matching things, as well as the absolute waste that has affected ecology (most blades do not have to drop when they are). So, regardless of whether the wiper blades only rise and are now packaged to force the purchase of new wiper arms and shoes with the rubber blade, this robbery can be avoided. This is called a "machined fracture" and is often just an unethical revenue increase for a particular business model.

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