Electric car conversion (you can easily do it yourself)

By the end of next year there is a news that the gas price rises to about $ 7 per gallon. This price is for too many people to buy. Is there a way to do this? Completely! You can easily change your car to an electric car – you can call it Electric Car Conversion.

What you really need is an electric car conversion kit.

If you want a car designed for electric use, it is advisable to start a small truck because it leaves room for storage of batteries. However, you can also use a smaller car.

The next thing you need after a care is a place. The garage or car park is recommended because you may need basic tools that you can grab from the garage. This project is fairly manageable. However, it may take some effort and time for it.

Is this project too hard for you? You do not have to worry. You do not need to be an expert mechanic to transform your car, as there are a lot of articles on how to transform electric cars online.

Finally, we have to spend money on this project, but in the long run this is a stunning investment. For example, maintenance costs for the car will be reduced after converting an electric car. The distance your car can move will also increase, which means that the cost is reduced. Furthermore, you do not have to worry when the price of petrol is higher and you can save the land by reducing CO2.

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