Electric Hybrid Cars VH HHO Gas Hybrid Cars – Which Is Better?

Hybrid cars are the automotive industry one of our most important goals today. And that's understandable. Today's rising oil prices – eight times more than in 1999 and twice as much as a year ago – are pulling the prices of petrol and diesel with them. Two common hybrid car options exist today.

Electric hybrid vehicles use an electric motor along the gasoline or diesel engine. The electric motor starts when the car is idle (eg in a red light) instead of a regular internal combustion engine and as a result increases the car's fuel consumption and reduces bad emissions to health and the environment in general. This type is a hybrid car that can be found at the nearest dealership.

While having important advantages, electric hybrid cars also have significant disadvantages .

  • The first is that these cars use two separate motors . So, in order for this type of hybrid car to work, you need a whole new engine you already know.
  • The second is environmental protection . Hybrid cars are good for the environment compared to conventional gasoline or diesel cars – there is no argument for that. But the benefit to the environment is not always the case. This only happens when the car is idle and the electric motor is running. If the car is not idle for a long time – for example driving large distances on a motorway – there is no chance that the electric motor will do its job. The diesel or gasoline engine is running continuously and in this case there is no noise reduction or emissions against the conventional internal combustion engine. It's like the electric motor is not there.
  • The third, which is partly related to the first one, is that it is very difficult to convert a conventional petrol or diesel engine into a hybrid electric vehicle This is done by professionals or highly committed hobbyists who have enormous mechanical skills and are willing to spend money on buying an electric motor and the necessary accessories and spending a lot of time on this rather complex conversion. If you are a mediocre guy, with average mechanical knowledge, you can not do it by taking into account the complexity of work and the big financial investments. Let the specialist do this, or in most cases – sell his car and buy a new hybrid car. Anyway, you spend hundreds or even a thousand dollars.

Another type of hybrid vehicle is still based on HHO gas, as fuel for petrol or diesel fuels. HHO gas – AKA Brown gas, oxygen or Aquygen – can be in the water on the engine, as required. So the further propellant is actually water. Read more about HHO gas and how to make it in a car engine .

Hybrid cars with HHO gas have all the advantages of electric hybrid cars . This increases fuel economy, reduces noise levels and reduces emissions. The great thing here is that hybrid cars with HHO gas as a further propellant also kill the disadvantages of hybrid electric cars . A car with a regular internal combustion engine can be converted into a simple, fast, inexpensive process as a HHO gas hybrid car. There is no need for more than a minimum amount of mechanical knowledge, so you can do the conversion, purchase a guide, and buy a hardware package from your regular hardware store.

HHO assists gasoline or diesel fuel for continuous operation of the engine. This means that even if you are on a motorway, without stopping, you can save fuel and reduce noise and emissions.

Click here to learn more about HHO gas and convert your car as a HHO gas hybrid .

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