Electric vehicle conversion – hybrid and gas cars

Electric Car Hybrids for 2009

It's hard to believe that the Toyota Prius hybrid was sold in Japan in 1997. With the current energy crisis, more and more automakers are working with their "greener" versions of well-known brands. The infusion of hybrid technology has hit a huge blow in the automotive industry, and its popularity and increased environmental concerns have increased the demand for these types of vehicles and encouraged vehicle manufacturers to add more vehicles to the hybrid to capture potential consumers on the market. Some electric cars are built, no gas saving – just plug in and go.

In 2007, Toyota added hybrid cars to Toyota Camry Hybrid, the third in Toyota Hybrid vehicles. The Camry hybrid boasts a high performance six-cylinder engine with four-cylinder engine fuel consumption. Although not as fuel-efficient as the first Toyota hybrid, the Prius, the Camry hybrid is much better than regular Camry. Since then, Toyota has expanded its structure

Never left behind, the giant Japanese car manufacturing Honda, also Hybrid Accord and Hybrid Civic. These two sedans offer hybrids, lower emissions and less fuel consumption. In 2009, a new car is planned.

The 2008 Honda Accord Hybrid combines luxury and fuel efficiency, which is truly environmentally friendly. Even with a 256-hp V6 engine, you can be sure to get more miles for a gallon. It's a nice change, knowing that you get the luxury and power you want, and you still get the fuel economy we all deserve.

Then there is the 2008 Civic Hybrid, which continues to provide the true essence of hybrid technology. Its ingenious engineers have rightly been awarded the status of High-tech Zero Emission Vehicles (AT-PZEV). This means that not only from point A to point B gets less gas consumption, but also saves the environment if it does not include air pollutants on it.

The 2007 Hybrid Car Race is the second hybrid vehicle of General Motors, the 2007 Satrun Aura Hybrid Sedan. It compete with other high-end hybrid cars, such as Toyota Camry Hybrid and Honda Accord Hybrid. Sporting is also the V6 engine, Aura Green Line is committed to delivering the highest engine performance with minimal gas consumption. His engineers claim that they can save 20% on conventional fuel economy.

Saturn Vue has been added in 2008 with updates designed for 2009 and 2010, such as plug-ins.

Nissan has launched the Altima Hybrid 2007 and plans a brand new model for 2010. In a Toyota contract with Toyota, Toyota is devoting five years to the project with hybrid technology developed by Toyota.

Volkswagen did not leave behind, the new Touareg hybrid planned in 2009, the 2010 Chevy Volt plug and electric car.

The only thing we all use is that the initial cost of building an electric car is about $ 4,000 to $ 5,000 more than the equivalent of a standard car. Even for $ 4 gallons of gasoline, the better mileage, anywhere 9 mpg of the Honda Civic or 14 mpg of the Toyota Prius, does not provide reimbursement for further investment. This is essentially an uninterrupted scenario – with the exception of the impact on the use and pollution of fossil fuels, which is the main reason why most people decide on new green machinery.

As more and more vehicle manufacturers are familiar with hybrid vehicles, it will not be long until all the cars are manufactured with Hybrid technology. And as oil prices continue to rise and concern for the environment is growing, we can all be sure that these vehicles are received with open arms.

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