Electric vehicles

Are we ready for "electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries" Are you tired of draining your debit card or even worse your credit card to fuel pumping? Tired of the hard money for oil companies.

Did you ever think it was a better way?

The future is causing change. Is America ready for change? The answer, as it stands, "maybe?" The reality is that we are slowly moving towards better and more efficient vehicles. Taking new driving concepts like "hybrid vehicles" or cleaning diesel engines. These new concepts are beginning to accept and occupy more space as we see them on the streets and motorways. As we move to the next decade, consumers are beginning to think more about what new technology will bring about? Are you looking for electric vehicles that may require a completely different concept?

Reality is not really. Consumers will not be ready to jump into something radically new. We've all seen the "futuristic vehicles" that look like they're ready to drive us to long distance galaxies. However, we are not willing to run, and not at all, or put our families into something like this. What we are prepared for is a jump that looks normal. We all want to adapt to the easier environmental impact of fuel emissions and we prefer fuel consumption. However, interrupting new technologies requires substantial funding for research and development as well as for relevant advertisements.

There are many advantages when an electric car is placed above an incinerator.

Electricity is much cheaper than fuel. Forecasts show that $ 1.00 will pay for electricity for every $ 4.00 of gasoline.

The second factor is that it does not cause any impurities, so there is no harmful emissions.

The engine must be kept as a combustion engine.

No need for oil change or emission reductions.

Convenience is that you can spend at home. One last point is that you no longer need to go to a gas station.

Electric vehicles or "EV" are driven by an electric motor instead of a combustion engine. The EV, gets a power from a regulator that regulates the amount of power. The more you trap on the accelerator, the greater the power from the controller.

The electric vehicle uses the energy stored in rechargeable batteries. Batteries are charged by conventional electricity. New batteries, such as "lithium-ion batteries", are a new step forward for efficiency and lasting.

Many carmakers are working on developing new "cars"

Telsa engines have developed a car called "Telsa Roadster", the manufacturer claims that this vehicle will be within 0 to 60 km / h in 3 seconds speeds. Very impressive !!!

General Motors will bring the new "Volt" in 2010.

Mitsubishi will release the new i-MiEV release in Japan.

Subaru will release the new "Stella" EV at the end of 2009 or early 2010.

The Ford Motor Company has several new models.

China plans to sell "plug-in-electric cars" in the US market next year The "EV" vehicle called "E6" will have five passenger cars that can be fully charged in seven to ten hours when a 110V plug is connected.

Here the site also says there are four different types of engines. The two electric motors are utilized for greater performance and better acceleration.

Investors and governments need to carefully consider and carefully consider the type of new and alternative fuels.

New forms of information structures need to be developed. New ways to drive. Are we ready to drive a car for a day, then park it in the garage and recharge it overnight? Most people drive vehicles back and forth to work occasionally after work. In reality, they can lead to less than 50 miles, so the concept of electric vehicle will work. Further distances or crossing countries require pioneering changes as they need to be refueled in a new and proper way.

Finally, the twenty-first century will be remembered as a turning point in the new era of different types of vehicles.

As battery technologies improve proportionality with the advancement of various composites, will we soon see that more useful and lightning electric vehicles are ready for it?

Keep your "thinking green" friends.

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