Electric Wheels Lightning McQueen electric car – racing wheel

The Disney movie "Cars" is undoubtedly hit, and its protagonist is the bright red car, Lightning McQueen, from all over the world.

Well, Fisher Price has once again appeared to all car fans with Power Wheels Lightning McQueen's electric car for children aged between 3 and 8 years. (This age range depends on the height and weight of the individual child.)

This smooth, fast, red-hot electric car operates a 6-volt battery that I was told to be around. fully charged. In order to be sure you have a fully charged battery, it is best from one day to the next. Charging the battery is always a useful idea because all you have to do is replace them and the fun can continue! Removing and replacing the battery is not a difficult task.

You will find that Power Wheels Lightning McQueen is really a racing car – up to 5 mph – to a 3 year old, which is fast enough! At this stage I would point out that 5 mph is actually the fastest speed setting. A slower setting will allow a small racer to reach 2.5 mph, which is fast enough for every beginner. Parents – Setting the higher speed can be closed when you are confident your child is ready. Of course, there is a reverse gear, and the car has brake assistors.

One of the most popular features of the kids I talked about is the car's sound effects and the well-known phrases in the movie are a real Lightning McQueen sound

Power Wheels Lightning McQueen Features:

* 2 Speed ​​Adjustments

* 6 Volt battery

* Sound effects and real terms from the "Cars" movie.

* High Speed ​​Lock

* Power Brake Brakes

There are many other games besides the Power Wheels Lightning McQueen car

Sports sparkling plastic wheels that seem to cause some problems with towing, especially smooth surfaces and grass – especially when it is wet. However, these cases appear to have changed, some claim that there are no problems, while others claim that the wheels are only rotating. Positive remark that there is a solution, it is possible to put the tires on the wheels and immediately resolve the problems.

Neighbors / grandparents have highlighted the Lightning McQueen racing doors that are open and close, no safety belts or storage areas, so the kids take their other favorite games.

* Power Battery Wheels Lightning McQueen Racer

* 6 Volt Battery

* Battery Charger

* Battery Charger

* Battery * Sound Effects Not Included

The car needs assembly but they say that this is simple and straightforward for parents who find these tasks a challenge

All of the kids and parents are just love this Power Wheels Lightning McQueen racing car. Safe, durable and well worth the money because it is proud owner of entertainment and adventure

One thing that is probably worth mentioning a competing helmet is to complement the whole subject and ensure that the little one has some protection whenever an accident occurs.

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