Enduro Racing – 3 important trick tips that will help you survive until the blue flag!

So you built a enduro racer and you're ready to compete. What can you do as a driver to make sure your car survives the end of the race?

  • You have to drive it fast.
  • You have to give cat reflexes.
  • You have to protect your racer.

Let me elaborate a little.

Drive fast – When you compete in a enduro, you will quickly learn that you need to keep up fast. If you are slowly moving on the track, you will run. There are a lot of riders who simply run into you, instead of defying and protecting the car and spoiling the process.

Great Reflexes – Enduro survival results in great reflexes. Large reflexes are the first defense to protect the car. Accidents around you are happening in a typical enduro race and the great reflexes allow you to avoid them. You will never avoid accidents, so make sure your racer is hard enough to make some hits.

Protect Your Driver – Protect your nose. Never go to anyone if you can avoid it. Do not be afraid to brake. It is better to find a punch at the back of the competitor than at the front end. Protect the tires. Do not run over the debris if it is avoided or rubbed with rust. Their rusty, jagged mudguards will surely break the tires.

If you can not follow these 3 simple tips, your chance to survive, or even win an enduro, will increase greatly.

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