Enduro Racing Tips – 3 things to look at when choosing your racer

The first thing you need to know is the rules of the enduro event you want to move. There are two types of Enduro in Central Vermont

8 The cylindrical enduro race is as rare as the "old ships" you would like to run. The old 1979 Ford Thunderbird was one of the best cars ever to compete.

Cylindrical enduros 4 and 6 are more common. There are few cars on the whole. There was a 1997 Ford Escort car last year

The 3 things to look at when choosing the enduro car. You do not want to spend a lot. The car is more than likely to be seriously injured in the typical enduro 200 range. He paid $ 50 for the little Escort car.

2) Solid car. You do not just want to spend a lot on a car that you know will be damaged and find the most solid car for your money. The enduro rusty rush of the enduro species called for catastrophe. I'll use an example in one of the previous races …

In 1994, and a 1979 Buick LeSabre, I'm going to enduro in the 200 year old Thunder Road. There are about 100 circles in it and I get a big pile. Some yahoo who searched my car somewhere else and the trunk opened.

After the wreck was dissolved and the survivors came up again, I noticed I was a black flag. that the black flagship? The truncated boot can not be a problem in an enduro, right? "

I decided to ignore the black flag for a couple of laps, the flags were pretty angry, and they got out of the cars trying to raise my attention." You really want me to go pit, it's better if I get to to the trunk. "

When I got into the pits, my crew told me to stop the car.

" What's Covering the Cover and Let Me Go Back There. "

" There's nothing I hope !

at the back of the rear wheel, a frame rail bent 90 degrees and straightened

The gas boiler was on the track so there were those flags that were weird

The story's morality. car to your enduro racer

3) How much do you have to invest in to make your racing race ready? If you start from scratch, it will cost about $ 500 gy street car to an enduro racer, this stuff, if you pay someone to work on a competitor, plans a lot more

. running the car? Choose a well-functioning car and require very little mechanical work to complete the race.

The Enduro race can be a lot of fun to build a strong car that survives chaos of this type of races. To build a strong car you have to start one, and that's what this article deals with.

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