Enduro Racing – What is it and why it is such an explosion!

Enduro competition is the ultimate entry-level auto-racing opportunity. You can build a great enduro car for less than $ 1,000, you can compete and explode.

What is enduro? Enduro is an auto-racing survival event. You are packed in more than 100 other wagons and are loose.

There are no cautionary signs flying under an enduro, and the race only stops if it is blocked by fire, rotation, or track wreckage.

The Enduro races started a way to make regular car racing without having to build a very expensive weekly racer. These tournaments are becoming increasingly popular and now pay $ 5,000 for the winners.

A few years ago, it was common for people to run running tapes in the enduro. You will see that some cars only make a few laps before it is broken. The money that has been paid in these days, serious contestants are developing racing cars that are specifically designed to run these enduros and collect beautiful prizes in the summer.

Where do you find enduro racing? Here in Central Vermont we can see more numbers in a few hours.

Thunder Road in Barre, VT is organizing an annual Enduro 200. This tournament will last Sunday or August. This is my favorite track to drive. The 2009 Enduro 200 will be 25 years old and $ 5000 will be paid to the winner!

Bear Ridge Speedway in Bradford, VT is hosting numerous enduro races this year. These are shorter events that pay $ 50 to the winner. Bear Ridge is a small clay that is in Vermont's clowns. This is a joyful track that you can pass on.

Riverside Speedway at Groveton, NH includes many enduros throughout the year. This track stands out in the Frostbite 400 in October and the Pre-Hangover 150 is the New Year! Frostbite 400 explosion!

Airborne Speedway in Plattsburgh, NY. This half-mile course is fast! Enduro 200 is held annually at the end of summer. I have not been on this track yet, but I'm waiting.

If you are looking for something great family fun or want to experience car racing yourself without making a huge financial commitment, the enduro competition is yours. Come out this summer and enjoy the enduro race.

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