Engine of the Year Award 2008

Since 1999, he has collected more than 65 automotive journalists from 1999 to choose the most suitable engines available today for different aspects such as used technology, driving ability, economy, performance and refinement.

Awards for some of the categories of engines, such as the International Motorcycle of the Year, the best engine, the best new engine, the green engine and the capacity classes. These include the engine manufacturing costs most anticipated by the engine manufacturers, as this may be a distinction between sales or business moves.

This year we see BMW's motors fall into several categories, including the 2008 international engine. With its 135 liter, 335 and X6 3-liter Twin Turbo, the Volkswagen TSI has been virtually unmatched, with the BMW's new high-precision direct injection system, the engine consumes less fuel while maintaining good performance on the wheels , the design of the two smaller turbochargers is a key factor for balancing within the speed range, eliminating the delay during acceleration

Another engine of the year's newest engine is the BMW 2-liter Diesel Twin Turbo in 123D , The 4-cylinder engine with the highest performance of the BMW is the strongest, thanks to the performance-enhancing, weight-loss and lower emission balance.The 2-liter diesel turbocharged the 4-liter V8 in the M3 category of the Best New Engine, because innovative technology is one creating a robust engine block while retaining solid and rigid block construction, a stronger engine than the same capacity gasoline.

Another award seemed to be the new year as the green engine of the Year. It replaces the previous Best Fuel Economy award, this year's Green Engine Prize again includes the 1.5-liter Hybrid Synergy Drive used by Toyota Prius. Judges continue to like the concept of Hybrid Synergy Drive, which combines petrol and electric cars. With a power output of only 76 inches, Prius uses another 67 bhp produced by another electric motor, thereby retaining fuel and maintaining low CO2 emissions.

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