Enter the exciting world of RC racing

More and more people enter the exciting world of Remote Control Contests . Today it is very easy for those who want to be RC racers to start with RC cars or trucks . Today's RC cars are extremely powerful machines with powerful, sophisticated engineers. RC racing can be as simple as the children who are refined in the parking lot or in professional competitions organized by the IFMAR World Championship. But beware – it can be very addictive!

One of the most popular types of R / C cars in Off-Road Buggy . The Off-Road Buggy with large tires fitted with "twisted" spikes, their fully suspended suspension parts and their high ground clearance almost dislodge off-road vehicles. Most RC Buggies are 2WD or 4WD and can reach speeds up to 40-45 mph.

road vehicles are equipped with lower ground clearance, tires, aerodynamic bodies and higher speeds. A miniature engine burning a special bulb fuel, the Nitro cars . Some cars can reach 75 km / h. Electric cars use rechargeable NICd batteries for power supply. They can stay up to ten minutes, they can be recharged within fifteen minutes and have no time to compete. Many people who enjoy hobbies in racing these miniature homes also like to build them. Nitro Toyz offers a variety of sets to build your own choice of cars and trucks. You may be proud to compile your RC kit and compete.

Many of us who do not have much time but still love to compete with RC vehicles are many prefabricated or ready to run cars on the market. The RTR models allow you to immediately start driving as soon as you open the box. Most RTR vehicles are equipped with a power plant and radio system.

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