Exotic Rally Driver – just who is he?

The decade or more of the exotic rally driver gap has provided valuable insights into a typical exotic rally driver. The result? It's not like a typical exotic rally driver!

Exotic rally drivers are as diverse and colorful as the cars they choose. They come from every area of ​​life and have so many different backgrounds. The really interesting dynamic is the overall social interaction. Despite the fact that the participants represent the diversity of interests, educational levels and commercial results, the exotic rally event represents a level playing field and promotes equality that is most interesting.

While an exotic car costs $ 300,000 and some participants have half a dozen or more cars at home, other examples may be a much smaller investment, and a 1995 Ferrari Spider can reach up to $ 50,000. The community? Love the car and taste the finer things in life, any level can be.

This exotic rally community is like a club that does not have a real entry requirement, apart from love. Events are legendary to be able to quickly build friendly relationships. There is nothing like assembling all the elements and taking into account the interaction between the participants.

Industrial captains, retired riders, professional stunt artists, small business owners – thrillingly share tales of the exotic rally with a delicious dinner drink. Really equal playing field!

Exotic owners in the country are looking for ways to get out and enjoy their cars and passions, and a new trend in exotic rally events gives them the opportunity to do so.

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