Exotic Super Cars in London

London has been at the forefront of the exotic car market for years. Rich Middle Eastern tourists visit the European city in the summer months to avoid desert heat and when these billionaires travel, they love to take wagons along the way. It is not cheap to transfer ships from the Gulf; this is about $ 15,000. You will find many exotic wagons around Knightsbridge; the Ferrari Bentley, Maybach and Rolls Royces racing cars.

Most car owners come from the United Arab Emirates but are from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and even Iraq. Foreign license plates can be recognized immediately. Many cars have been modified and painted with vivid colors, including gold, silver, pink and yellow. London exceeded Monte Carlo and Monaco as the world's exotic motorway. Despite the fact that these cars can easily reach speeds up to 200 mph, many are eventually driven into the first gear due to storm traffic.

One of the rarest cars in London was the Koeningsegg CCX. It is one of the most expensive cars in the world with over one million dollar price range. CCX has been a great debut at the Geneva Motor Show, and has since become a sensational hit with automotive fans. The engine V8 is 4.7 liters. The CCX will accelerate to 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds, one of the fastest exotic cars in the world. This is a beautiful 2-door roadster designed to impress you and definitely be one of the world's rarest hyper-cars. CCX's maximum speed is 245 miles per hour. CCX actually defeated the Mercedes SLR McLaren in the head-to-head race.

So who are these cars? Some owners are business people while others are members of various royal families. Most cars come from the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, and come from some other Middle East countries, including Iraq.

Many automotive fans enjoy these exotic super cars and capture the recordings. There are many online videos on these wagons on London's streets. London appears to become the world's hyper-car.

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