Explanation of the 9 RV type

Before you start the door to buy a new or used rv, check out the different styles available. The main classes are: A-class motorhomes, B-class motor homes, C-class motor homes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, pop-up caravans, lorries, sports equipment and hybrid campsites. The latter 2 is the newest child in the block, the first three drives and does not require a towing vehicle.

  1. Class A motorhome: this is the largest and most expensive RV type. The chassis is made up of a chassis, suspension and chassis.
  2. Class B motorhome: Also known as van-caravan or remodeling. These are the smallest of the motor homes.
  3. C-Class Motorhome: Sometimes called a mini-caravan, these units have a front end and are easily recognizable. They are classed by size A and C.
  4. Travel Trailers: This unit is towed from a bumper-level drawbar and is available in many lengths.
  5. Fifth Wheels: This is a towable unit but requires a fifth wheel mounted on a bed.
  6. Pop Up Campsites: Also known as folding or tent trailers, these are the smallest types of towing caravans. They are a great entry-level unit for those who change from tent camping to rv. They have a strong roof, floor and partial side walls. The rest of the unit is canvas, it still feels outdoors.
  7. Truck-camping: It may be called a slider in the caravan. This caravan slides into a bed for a pickup truck.
  8. Sport Utility: This is basically a travel trailer with a garage, sometimes called a toy carrier. There is a door on the back of the device that falls like a ramp that allows you to store 4 bikes, dirty bikes or other toys.
  9. Hybrid Camper: It's a journey between a trailer and a pop-up window. This style has hard sides, but the beds open to the ends like a pop-up and cover them on canvas. They are lighter than most travel trailers and can be towed with medium size towing.

There is the 9 RV type described in the basic form.

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