F1: Pressure on drivers for Flyeway competitions

When F1 leaders looked from country to country to take part in competitions, they would know a lot about them, because they think that competitors have only the chance to travel for free. However, do drivers enjoy such trips?

Competitions in different countries are called flyaway tournaments. Every year, F1 takes place in about 20 countries, which means that competitors must fly from country to country during the year to enter the competition. In fact, it gives them the opportunity to go sightseeing. The F1 sport consumes time and energy at all times, preventing drivers from having fun at rest. First and foremost, due to competitions caused by riders, drivers suffer serious injuries from the wrong schedule.

"It's not the race itself, but the un-scheduled journey," said Jarno Trulli, former runner of the Lotus team.

In addition, the big prixes in Asian countries, such as Singapore, began to compete at 20 o'clock, while in Europe they were usually at 14 o'clock. As most drivers come from Europe, they can be a big challenge. However, an effective method has already been found.

"The only thing you need to do to relocate your sleeping hours is to stay in European classes, go to bed at 4 o'clock, and wake up at 13:00," said Pedro de la Rosa, a former F1 driver.

He also added that drivers should make sure that there is no light in the room and tell the hotel that they are not taking care of the cleaning at the beginning of their room.

In addition to the time-zone difference, at the crowded heat and humidity Singapore race, drivers drive at night in street circuits, requiring heavy driver concentration or crashing into the wall.

So the former Renault team Ricardo Ceccarelli, said: "If you do it together, this is the hardest cocktail. Even harder."

And Dr. Ceccarelli said he had provided his drivers with sleepy pills to make them feel better. It also prompted drivers to do a few days before the race to practice heat and humidity.

Pedro de la Rosa spoke about her experience in managing flyaway competitions. He said he would arrive in advance, but he wouldn't overdo it. For example, he usually arrives in Singapore on Tuesday, and he is already in the environment on Friday.

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