Fast and Furious Sprint Car Racing Fred Brownfild Memorial – Seth Bergman with Jared Ridg

The second night of the Fred Brownfield Memorial will always be the hot night-time sprint racing. After a successful previous night, when Seth Bergman won Heat and finished sixth at A-Main Seth, he won 3rd in the night races. A rough toast saw Bergman leaving for the tenth race. Seth was able to score four in the heat and this allowed him to finish fifth in the Main Event. Bergman gave himself every chance to be a strong end in A-Main.

B Main saw Travis Rutz, Jason Solwold, Jay Cole and Henry Van Dam. Before the main event, the contestants entered the smoke of the dense fog, through the race track, which welcomed the fans before the main event.

Seths's team went through the main event with a new event, and was sure to be a powerful player.

Seth was a tough night at Sprint racing, with Shane Stewart, Wayne Johnson and Jayme Barnes at the start, and Roger Crockett at the pole. Bergman finished fifth with ASCS North West leader Jared Ridge.

Bergman could not have asked whether Olson and Malsam were better at first in the first corner to get to the third quicker before taking the first round after taking care of Dan Dunlap.

In four rounds Seth Jayme left Barnes, and as the tournament knocked down, Seth started battling with Jared Ridge as they both traded at an early stage. On the ninth day of the day, the refining moment of the race took place, probably the season when Bergman and Ridge were tangled. causing the Ridge to get into the wall.Bergman had a broken right rear impact on the collision. Ridge was seemingly upset when he came out of his car and steered to Bergman as he walked around. Fans showed he did not like Ridge as the racks echoed.

Seth went to the pit area and stood over the Ridges crew to face Bergman. The Ridges team made it a member of Seth's father, when he felt Seth was responsible for the wreckage. Seths's team tried to fix the injury, but time slipped briefly and Seth passed the night after the promising start.

As a reminder of the event, the sprint race remained green. Shane Stewart won the victory at Crockett.

There was a buzz in the pit as fans and fans around Bergman asked what happened and whether Ridge was being criticized. The fan came and was obviously nervous. "I will not bring big kids to look at sprint racing and see such rubbish."

Bergman was frustrated at the end of the race but was pleased with the car's performance. Sprint racing is a tough sport, and Bergman has shown this weekend that he is capable of the highest level of competition.

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