Fast cars, super cars – pay off horsepower

For the rich and famous, they seem to make a successful statement when they are the owners of very expensive fast and super cars. These fast, super cars are usually found in Hollywood, Las Vegas, or New York as these are places where rich and famous people usually work and live. In other countries, royalty and senior members can govern these cars, but some members of the working class will ever have the money.

The exotic Ferrari Modena is a popular Ferrari model that offers a six-speed gearbox, a V8 engine and about 11-16 mpg. With a $ 152,000 price tag this car can reach 189 km / h and can reach 60 mph in 4.2 seconds.

One of Lamborghini's drivers is the super car, which is also a fast car. The current Sypder is one of the most popular super cars. As the most beautiful car in the world, Spyder is sporting a V10 that reaches 195 km / h on the roof and 191 km / h on the roof down. It has a price category of $ 195,000. Its lightweight aluminum frame allows the car to reach faster speeds and reaches a quarter mile in 12.2 seconds, reaching a speed of 122 mph.

If you want to go a bit closer to the ground, you should check out Dodge Viper. It also offers a V10 that can reach 190 km / h in 3 to 3 seconds between 0 and 60 and 4 miles in 11.9 seconds. The Viper has a price range of $ 80 to $ 20mpg. This makes Vipert a super car that is a faster car that has an affordable price tag.

A never-ending classic super car is the Corvette, which shouts with the exception of Chevrolet. This American icon works for several years and continues to improve with age. Available in a coupe or convertible, you can choose from a number of color combinations. The 6 or 7 liter engine is optional and the starting price is about $ 66,000. These cars resisted the test of time and are still one of the most popular sports cars on the market.

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