Ferrari breakfast

It was simple, my challenge was the day that I did not eat any food, lowered the gas station's chocolate, and filled myself with vitamin C because I needed energy.

I leave a traditional English artery clogged breakfast with a bottle of freshly pressed, not concentrated orange juice and a tube of hot bagels – probably more calories than Mackie D. I open the front door and look at the clear blue sky in a fresh morning , which is getting warm while the sun is burning. Then I look at the car ramp, because in my opinion the red Italian superstore sees it to get rid of it.

Today I had the chance to see that the new Ferrari F430 F1 was like driving to Le Mans. I can not see this race, not even a durability test, but I can gain insight into how this car works in the real world. My story is not about the most radical new superstar, but about what the current Ferrari model is offering as an experience.

With that modest first boot area, full of camping gear and general masks, it was just enough for my girlfriend to come and sit and hold. Then I realized that all of his belongings had to be emptied of Ferrari so that we could do the necessary 67 pairs of high heels, 3 pairs of haircuts, and the Gatwick lost luggage class. After another 45 minutes of shoe horning our stuff, all of us were big, but we were in Dover.

I always like to travel by ferry through continental Europe because it only feels better than adventure, as if it were going to go somewhere rather than a big pipe.

The disappointment I first noticed on the car was the door handle. It is a thin triangular plastic that feels it will get stuck if it is pulled too hard. The first impressions are a long way, and according to my Ferrari experience, this is not good. After you have your eyes on the horses on the steering wheel, you'll start to notice what it is for a while. One thing is style, but I can not help making it look like a gaming station, buttons for soft colors and futuristic shapes. But somehow these are of lesser importance, all of them scattered quickly enough when you press the button that forces the 490 horsepower engine to 8 cm behind its ears.

As many people know, Ferrari has a distinct engine sound and one that you can usually notice without seeing the car. If you notice a car in the city where a large exhaust is coming, you might think what posters or words are. This is not so much the case, but it has been designed more than a high speed engine and has almost been driven in the second gear at a speed of 30 km / h, otherwise it has to be removed.

We avoid the delight of the M25, but went along the glorious back roads of rural England. What a peach! it's as real as ever Ferrari's ownership. Inside comfortably, ergonomically, everything is fine. The outsiders have the chance to turn their heads, not just for my girlfriend, but for the beautiful appearance of the car. This is not the place to mention the treatments, but I can say that it is sharp and travel is one of the best I have ever experienced for Ferrari, so it also switches holes and shocks and the chassis under normal everyday conditions. There are a lot of electro-gizmos playing it, but I do not care the least. This is pure driving, raw Ferrari is the best.

Once we got through the customs, we found the ferry track and we turned off. Within a minute, cross-sectional society takes photos of her phones, talking about the car, and talking. A Yorkshire man asked me if he could take his picture next to him, doing better and letting him sit in the thing that made the day.

My girlfriend was worried that Ferrari would polish on the ramp, but I do not think this is a question. Until I saw the MGB exhaust rub the lid, but in any case it was right, as always. This thing is low, but as slowly as I bought, I could hear no sound from opening the floor like a free P & O donut.

In France, there is leadership, huge open roads, tree-lined roads, and impressive landscapes – well when it comes to English afforestation, which is otherwise Calais. I take my speed as I go without thinking and not at all. I ran the gears to maintain the steady speed. I do not use this car with stupid speed, it makes no sense to move to the racing track and this is not a good practice. More and more police traps are being set up to target only British drivers and I will not make things worse.

Even though I enjoyed Le Mans straight for an explosion and a proud Barbie, she showed signs to Paris, her voice changed, her mind thinking of boutiques, shoes, and shops. If I had a word and thesaurus that I embodied in my mind, I still could not find the words, and I had no chance to tell you to find another 198 reasons why we should not go to Paris. But my hand moved the leather-covered computer wheel to the capital, and before I knew that we had a very smug passenger down to the A16.

I secretly became more and more excited because I decided that there would be a fantastic opportunity to take the original steps in the controversial movie "Rendezvous" that you should have seen the one shot in a shotgun series from a POV in the late seventies, which was like a Ferrari V12 on the front bumper. In fact the rumor was a V8 Mercedes coupe that was synchronized with a Ferrari Dayton. No matter how incredible automated filming, though almost every pioneer rule is broken. There was evidence of this when French director Claude Lelouch was arrested in the premiere!

I thought we were going to Paris and showing the delight of Arc De Triomphe. In the movie that moves around the car, there is a movement almost side-by-side. Oh, how much things have changed. I will ease the £ 145,000 car between the beeper and the damaged Clio, 2CV and Aygo, and I'm anxiously eyeing a driver who moves the camera out of the window to the circuit! If this place is not the test of nerves, then I do not know what it is. Arc De Triomphe as we move to the busy shopping districts of Paris. Another thing to find the right place to leave the car. Earlier about the conversation that my nice descendant comes here who has to pay for parking, so when I get up outside a plush hotel and come out with the engine, she'll be amazed when I add, and we can do this in style.

In fact, Valet was the best thing, the safest and the cheapest in the long run. If you parked on any of Paris's streets, you just know that the French, they love them, have a very good French way to park. Most people tend not to leave the car on the ground, so if the space is not big enough, wind up the road. I will not say anything bad about this, which makes us all unique to all of us, and this is a very small piece of French spell. If this happens in the aggressive and angry London, someone's eyes are removed.

We could get early lunch, but we decided to go late for breakfast and get the most beautiful conti that I bought before. But creepy, any woman who has passed, is clutching a designer bag and does not do anything for coffee. Now caffeine is causing the shops. I've never been to the whole Paris shopping thing, but it's an architectural paradise. It's like a big ad for Vogue Magazine, so I hear this noise, the amazing metallic sound that can only be a Ferrari. The 360 ​​debates continue along the way, and the Parisians are not as opposed as they are in common. Then not another 360 red.

12 days later, we returned to Ferrari thanks to a small bag that is likely to be the first such beauty service. In Paris we went straight to the E50 and forgot my idea following the filmmaking.

Ferrari has its own features on motorways in the countryside as drivers. We have proven that it is able to cope when tourists are fully loaded, we have seen how they can handle intense traffic and absorb Britain's cumbersome B routes. I'm not a fan of the big Ferrari who promises two or two seats and a cruiser. They are too big to be beautiful, bulky and not elegant to simplify the traditional mid-engine modernity of Ferrari. The purists can scream, and I really like the 250's in the 60's, but that was the golden age, we've moved since then and the mass-produced modern Ferrari is the key in a reliable mid-engine configuration. It's a super-sexy Ferrari like anything else.

My Smart car has a shovel gearbox so you do not have any excitement, but it does seem to work before you click it. It's almost like an old London bus pre-engine, unless it uses telepathic gear.

We've been around for a long time, which is fast now, but we're making a remark for Le Mans and it seems that there is a home stage. In the sunshine, we walk down to the campsite Le Mans with a romantic scene. Other Ferrari owners and an elderly couple greeted the 1929 WO Bentley's car so large that it had to drive a HGV license. I've always been very honored with these machines. Ettore Bugatti had a one-diner speech at the Ritz once and quoted "I'm making the fastest cars, but Bentley's fast freighters," something that old Walter should think of damned European face!

It was then. We had a chance to pass the night in the autumn to the beast. What we are saying is that all the materials were packed into a large pile, except that the designer of the French handbag was so tightly tied. I never made a tent so fast in my life, OK, I leave a few feet and some of the stamps on the floor looked like Uri Geller was there.

Le Mans is about the legend, about dreams like the car that I'm wondering about. And that's what I did. There may be many things, but I've never been a musician before. You did not drive this car, it does it as the favorite element of the brass instrument. It's at the royal fan fair, as if the royal navy had been pursuing me, shooting guns every time I replaced it. I wonder how dramatic the acceleration is when I give everything, noise is probably more aggressive than the actual one, but it's like a familiar car.

I do not know why I brake and slow down in corners, I have to accelerate them because the grip is a sign of competitive advantage. You must feel good because I did not hear that she was sitting in his own mess. I'm not alone here when the sun sank to the other side of the world. We joined with other cars, including a Diablo VT, but I did not expect it to happen here shortly before the small clutch had evaporated.

Back to the camp in superstructure as my girlfriend dampens the swampy mellow through the open camp fire and the flashing flames lift the Ferraris lines. This is a great car, I have proved that Ferrari should not only be all shows and do not have to go. We both enjoyed the trip and agree that there is no difficulty in the city and 20 to 30 mph. The future will be tough and painful for the global automotive industry, not to mention very limited cars. Ferrari as a brand knows it well because they are experimenting with hybrid cars and energy-saving technology, which is key to the success of supercars.

The F430 F1 is available, but it is practical to stay in the right mindset. For me, this is one of the most environmentally friendly cars. My point is that you just do not have to lead it to be satisfied. Get your cake and eat.

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