Ferrari Modena specifications

Ferrari is one of the most popular names of supersports by Lamborghini. For years, we have created cars that we would all die if we could never afford it. One of the most popular models is Modena, which meant excellent steering, handling and cycling for consumers, which was not easily found elsewhere.

In 1999, Ferrari released the 360 ​​Modena coupe and joined the Spider convertible. Under the bonnet, a V8 3.6-liter engine was obtained that could produce 400 horsepower and 8.500 rpm. This made it possible to jump from 0 to 60 km / h in just 4 seconds.

Connected to a powerful engine, there was a standard gearbox and a six-speed manual gearbox. Most people would order it with the expensive F1 gated shifter manual gearbox that was fitted with a chrome ball screw. The relay mounted on the column was replaced by 150 milliseconds. This makes it easier for the car to pick up a lot of traffic.

Made of aluminum frame and adjustable aluminum suspension. The design was specially designed by Pininfarina and made the aluminum material lighter and easier to handle on the road. Most sports cars use the same reason.

Inside the Ferrari Modena, high quality leather and other materials were made that were comfortable and luxurious for everyone riding. The seats provided adequate amounts of support and the pavements were absorbed. Even hard, there are only two seats, these are quite spacious and leave space for extra luggage.

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