Ferrari over the years

In 1994, Ferrari's long-term loyal customer Giampiero Moretti, the founder of MOMO, was one of the few who convinced Maranello to return to sports car racing and understand how important it is for the company to return to this category of motorcycle racing. their largest market in North America. During that time nearly 23 years ago, Ferrari was in the IMSA World Sports Car Championship with the Ferrari 312 PB in 1971 and needed a whole new car.

The great part of the Ferrari F40 is just as crude and unfair. The road is built on the highway and is proud of it. There is no trick here. This is first a racing car, second the road car. The headlamps and tail lights only think backward to be close to the road. The cabin is small, the planting situation is cramped and embarrassing, the suspension is tough and there are a lot of delays with the twin-turbo V8 engine … but that does not matter.

The Ferrari F40 experience is because there's nothing I like. You can not go out and buy something like this, even if you have all your money in the world. The only thing close to a F40 is another F40. This was the last car signed by Enzo Ferrari himself. On average, the biggest Ferrari was still built.

The 250 was the turning point for Ferrari. In addition, he started the company and strengthened his position as a legendary carmaker. The Ferrari 250 SWB was just as decent GT car as the model. Ferrari has built different versions, but all have been named 250. Following the 275 and 330, most people are highly respected and considered to be the largest Ferrari road car.

The Ferrari 250 SWB was offered by the long wheelbase, short wheelbase and Europa. Europa was the superstructure GT with a long 2800 mm wheelbase. The LWB is 2,600 mm and the SWB 2400 mm. The SWB was the three hardest and most flexible, but many were convertibles. All three of them had a 3.0 liter, naturally intake V12 with 300 horsepower. As far as I like Ferrari's current V12s, they do not even approach a small V12 with a capacity of 250. It sounds mechanical and alive, if that is the exact wording I'm looking for. There is nothing in it. Everything you hear comes from the engine, rubbing metal parts against each other.

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