Five of the best car-electric invention

From the first steam engines to today's cars, cars are vehicles that are undergoing constant changes and improvements.

The first fictional cars could hardly replace the horse, were untrustworthy, and did not show a promising future.

But the visionaries kept the idea alive, pressured, and formed an irreplaceable part of our lives.

During this period, electricity generation and everyday use also expanded. The intersection between the two was imminent.

The reason for this was that the car was not only the center of traffic, but also the necessity of everyday life. The car's further expansion depends on being easy to use and almost everyone can use it and can relatively easily learn to drive.

One of the most important areas of the automotive industry that has done this is automotive electronics.

Here is the highest list of most important energy supplies in the car:

1. Starting: the start of the car before the start was sweat-breaking. Your own procedure, where you had to be quite qualified. The car was rotated with a rotating rod. The driver has put in place, use all available forces, rotate the engine, and if you are lucky, the engine starts after a few rounds. If not, then there was another lesson in bodybuilding. Apart from this, when the engine started, the driver had to release the rod in time, otherwise he would knock on his face.

Every time the key is placed in the ignition, remember it and enjoy it as a privilege.

2nd Alternator: Now this is a breakthrough! Before the generator was a dynamo. A DC generator who was not so bad, but had a lot of mistakes, the control system was complicated, it was big and in some cars extremely unreliable. Then came the generator. It is brilliantly built, very reliable, half the size of the dynamo and it is very easy to improve. ItAVE's output is much more stable and consistent, so more devices can be placed in the car.

3rd Bulb: The invention of course is revolutionary. The bulb replaces the gas oil lamps that the car hangs on the side of the car. Needless to say, the driver is kept in the way of night driving, so greater autonomy and safety are on the road. The first lamps used were of a short life but have gradually been built up into today's long-lasting, long-lasting and pleasant night-time experience.

4th Battery: This invention has made it possible for the complete electric car system. From old tough and unreliable to modern elements, things that a car can not leave. The invention of the elements embraces the seeds of modern electric cars.

5th Spark Plug: Today is the usual element in automotive manufacturing. But think about the people who invented it! Combined with the electric spark lighting of the fuel-air mixture. How good it is, demonstrates the fact that the principle remains unchanged.

Every invention is on the machine and is mechanically its own beauty. Such a ranking does not ignore all the other miracles in the car, on the contrary.

The ingenious alloy is that they have remained virtually unchanged over the years, thus providing driver comfort, safety and reliability.

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