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As a player since the late 80's so far, I feel that people have forgotten the true essence and the relative concept of solid play / play. Playing old or original games, where we all know and love games, we can gain much greater recognition for our current age of playing. Many are extremely strong critics of Nintendo. However, this is not the Wii U or the complicated graphics of the game to hold on Nintendo's surface, this family and the fundamentals. They have more titles, but Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Kirby and so on. It will always be there. These characters and their games are as long-lasting as the systems we discovered them.

Retro games have allowed a much more dedicated and advanced player, as there is no memory card or internal memory hard drive. The retro games are still strong. Reproductive copies of Madden, Metal Gear Solid and Streetfighter will be as powerful as their day of release. The retro player is not the result, but the hardened gameplay. The players of the 1980s were able to easily identify the type of players who would be later. Some have gone to the strategist or role-playing RPG for Final Fantasy, or Duke Nukem and Doom first-person shooter; while others went from Techmo Bowl to Madden. Today, the two most common gaming strategies are the FGC or the Fighting Game Community, the MOBA players or the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. MMO or Massive Multiplayer Online Games keep the populace constant. The fact remains, if not for our revolutionary games like Streetfighter, Mana's Sword, Fire Breath, Mortal Kombat, there would be no League of Legends, World of Warcraft and Marvel Vs.

No matter what route you choose, you must always recognize the origin or the games. When you grow up as a player you can find more about the mechanics and stories of the games you played. Older games allow strategies and tactics to be used for newer titles or today. If possible, play an older game name that may interest you. Original games may be much more challenging than you expect. Have fun and play !!!

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